National University of Singapore
School of Computing :: Department of Information Systems


I work mainly on two major streams of research.

The first focus mainly on understanding how organizations assimilate IT or IT-enabled innovations effectively. Operationally, this focus translates into developing and testing theories on how organizations explore, adopt, implement, and use these innovations across various industry contexts and the impact of assimilating such innovations. In this stream of research, the predominant unit of analysis is the organization.

The second stream focus on the human information processing, decision making and privacy issues that are pertinent to new IT artifacts, institutions, and applications on the Internet as well as the mobile platforms. Specifically, this focus translates into developing and testing theories on how an individual's information processing capabilities, decision making and privacy concerns are affected by artifacts such as recommendation agents and location-based services, institutions such as group-buying and auctions and applications such as electronic-word-of-mouth systems and free-trial software. In this stream of research, the predominant unit of analysis is the indivdual.

Citation Analysis

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Research Awards

  • Conference Paper Award
    • 2011: Best Paper Nominee at Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems.
    • 2009: Best Paper Award at International Conference on Information Resources Management.
    • 2009: Nominee for the Magid Ibaria Outstanding Conference Paper of the Year at ACM SIGMIS International conference on Computer Personnel Research.
    • 2008: Distinguished Track Paper Award at Annual Meeting of the Decision Science Institute.
    • 2006: Best Paper Award at World Congress on Intellectual Capital.
    • 2003: Best Theme Paper Runner-Up at International Conference on Information Systems.
    • 2001: Best Paper Nominee at Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems.

  • Other Awards
    • 2010: IBM Faculty Award – Delivering IT-enabled Service Innovation.
    • 2009: INFORMS Information Systems Research Service Award – Associate Editor.
    • 2004: Management Information Systems (MIS) Quarterly Reviewer of the Year Award – Reviewer.
    • 1995: Invited International Conference on Information Systems Doctoral Consortium Doctoral Candidate.

Research Grants

Over the years, I have worked with reputable local and international scholars in research projects funded by Singapore's Ministry of Education as well as overseas scientific research foundations. Please click here to view my list of research grants.

Research Publications

I have published broadly in top tier international refereed journals and conferences on various research topics.