Information for Prospective Students


Information for Prospective Students

If you are interested in my research, and would like to join my group as a Ph.D. student, this page is for you.

First, please read the admissions info on the web page of the NUS School of Computing (SOC).

Please apply directly to the School, and not to me.  At SOC, most admitted Ph.D. students receive a Research Scholarship from the School, rather than from individual professors.  Therefore, I have little influence over the admissions process.  I can't admit you; only the School can, and it does so in a fair and merit-based manner.  Mentioning my name in your application form does not improve your chances of admission.

Also, once admitted, students choose their advisors only after the first semester, so there is no need to indicate your choice before admissions.  SOC encourages students to spend the first semester talking to different professors and research groups to learn about their work, before committing to a particular research area.

For my group, I require that students take CS5240 Theoretical Foundations in Multimedia and do well in it.  Another mandatory course is EE5907 Pattern Recognition, offered by the NUS ECE department.  These two courses are essential if you wish to pursue research in my group. In addition, if you do not have a background in image processing or computer vision, then CS4243 Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition is highly recommended.

Best wishes in your application!


Last updated:  November 2013