Theme: Systems Approach to Cyber Security

Update (22 February 2017): Online proceedings are available on IOS Press.

2nd Singapore Cyber Security R&D Conference will be held in Singapore on February 21-22, 2017 at the campus of National University of Singapore (NUS). The conference will bring together academics and practitioners from across the world to participate in a vibrant programme consisting of research papers, industrial best practices, and tools exhibition. Faculty members, researchers and industry practitioners are encouraged to submit the papers.

This year’s theme focuses on presenting how to approach Cyber-Security in complex computing systems. In order to preserve physical and information security of systems it is necessary to consider a wide variety of techniques to avoid cyber-attacks, or minimizes potential damage caused by a successful attacker. SG-CRC 2017 will focus on techniques and methodologies oriented to construct resilient systems against cyber-attacks that helps to construct safe execution environments, improving security of both hardware and software by means of using mathematical tools and engineering approaches for designing, verifying, and monitoring cyber-physical systems. 

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Workshop by SGCSC (19-20 February 2017)

Topic 1: Deep Learning and Cyber-security
Topic 2: Fuzz Testing for Finding Vulnerabilities

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