Project Summary

Large-scale urban sensing enables people to observe the surrounding environments and to understand how people to better live. It also enables government to model and manage social dynamics better in a highly stressed megacity. This project provides a platform for ubiquitous urban sensing and data management, based on which people can better understand the physical worlds, get better options and make better decisions on megacities management. This platform serves various domains such as energy supply, congested transportation, waster recycling, environment protection, public health and security, and food security.

In this project, we design a holistic solution to dynamic urban sensing, including pervasive sensing, object localization, tracking, visual analytics and wireless communication protocols. We will develop megacity oriented peta-scale data storage and processing solutions, including data models, energy-efficient storage systems, datacenter networks, information query, multi-modal data visualization and analytics, and distributed data management. A testbedding approach to urban sensing and data management will be adopted. This demonstration will validate our proposed technologies and show how they can be used in the setting of megacities such as Shanghai and Singapore.

This is a subproject of a bigger project SJTU-NUS Research Centre on Energy and Environmental Sustainability Solutions for Megacities.