Project Details

The great challenges in peta-scale data management for urban sensing data include the following.

  • A centralized solution for data storage becomes invalid.

  • The smarter urban sensing system involves vast amounts of multi-source, multi-modal data from hybrid networks.

  • Sensing data possess rich semantics, dynamically grow over time, and are in nature high dimensional.

  • Large scale data storage and processing in datacenters consume significant amount of power.

  • High-level applications may require sensing data from multiple different sources that are typically dispersed.

  • Since data are generated over time, there will be an increasingly vast amount of data.

Few existing solutions can be straightly applied for peta-scale urban data management. To address the above coupled challenges, we propose a cloud-based data management software platform that is tailored for urban sensing and sustainable applications. It can handle large-scale streaming data with different formats.

In our design, the whole software stack of the system consists of a cloud data repository module at the bottom layer, a large-scale stream processing and big data analytics at the middle layer, and finally a real-time visual interface atop to provide decision-making, megacity management and real-time support for users.