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UTab: Unversal Table inspired storage system for

free-and-easy data publishing and sharing

Dancing With Your Tempo

Digital information publishing and searching becomes increasingly necessary in recent years, due to the popularity of the Internet services. We have witnessed the growth of a number of such web services. While these systems vary in their particular services provided, they share the same operation mode -- users publish data items such as URLs, photos, advertisements, etc. that are associated with simple descriptions such as tags and attributes created by them.

The system organizes the published data items based on users' own descriptions and makes them accessible. In such systems, the users collaboratively contribute tags to the system, which
are then used to categorize the objects to facilitate searching (by browsing or querying the tags).
Such collaborative but unsophisticated way of organizing information with user-created metadata is coined as folksonomy (com- bination of "folk" and "taxonomy"), and such systems are sometimes also called the collaborative tagging systems. Besides simple tags, richer and flexible data structure
could be used to describe a published item to provide more powerful expressiveness to the user.
Some allows users to define their own attributes, and to describe their published objects with variable number of attributes. The freedom from a strict syntax of the published data items is very convenient to users. However, it is a challenging task to organize and classify the data items
with variable schemas" and topics, in order to make them searchable.

UTab is our attempt to build a general system framework for supporting such free-and-easy data
publishing and searching services.

This project is funded by Singapore Ministry of Education (T2 grant).

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