CS6101 Exploration of CS Research:
Analysis of Gene Expression based on Single-Cell Sequencing
Instructors: Drs Wong Limsoon & Niranjan Nagarajan / 2014/15 Semester 1

Course Description

The possibility of using gene expression profiling for diagnostic and prognostic purposes has generated much excitement and research in the last ten years. Microarray technology, which has been the main gene expression profiling technique, produces the gene expression profile that is an average over many cells in the sample. Single-cell sequencing technology has recently become available and presents an opportunity to obtain gene expression profile of individual cells. This individual-cell level of granularity should enable much more informative analysis.

In this journal club, we plan to cover recent literature on 1/ single-cell sequencing and 2/ gene expression analysis approaches. We hope to develop in the participating students an appreciation of the opportunity in combining these two technologies for improving disease gene selection and for transitioning from the selected genes to the understanding of the sequences of causative molecular events.

We plan to read the selected papers below (and possibly other related papers). Each student will be asked to pick and present two of these (or other relevant papers of his choice). Each student will be graded by all fellow attendees according to:

And by the lecturers and presenting student according to:

Tentative Reading List (To be refined)

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