Transcription Factor-Interaction Prediction and Classification

Participants: Stefano Perna, Pietro Pinoli, Stefano Ceri, Wong Limsoon


Transcriptional regulation is critical to the cellular processes of all organisms. Regulatory mechanisms often involve more than one transcription factor (TF) from different families, binding together and attaching to the DNA as a single complex, but only a fraction of the regulation partners of each transcription factor is currently known. It is thus of interest to biologists to analyse data extracted from TF-DNA binding experiments (e.g. ChIP-Seq) to infer the mechanisms that drive transcriptional regulation.

In this project, we develop techniques for predicting the physical interaction between transcription factors, as well as for predicting the nature of their interactions (i.e. co-operative, competitive, or others).

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This project is supported in parts by a Singapore Ministry of Education Tier-1 grant (MOE-T1-251RES1725), a European Research Council Advanced Grant (grant # 693174), and a Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Chair Professorship.

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