Individual-Based Modelling on the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Singapore

Participants: Cheng Tee Hiang, Xiuju Fu, Kee Khoon Gary Lee, Harold Soh, Stefan Ma, Limsoon Wong, Gaoxi Xiao, Shi Xiao, Zhang Tianyou, Zhou Jie.


A large-scale epidemic simulation model of Singapore will be constructed in this project by taking demographic, social contact, and geographic factors into consideration. People, in the course of carrying out their daily activities, move between different locations, exposing themselves to infectious agents within these locations and meanwhile transporting the agents between different locations as well. We represent these processes by a large complex network model, in which there could be more than 4 million nodes (vertices) representing the whole Singapore population and the social inter-activities that are pandemic related.

The project will not only handle a special case of infectious diseases like avian influenza, but also contribute to enhance fundamental knowledge of epidemiology sciences. Essential information obtained from the simulation model will help health agency develop effective containment strategies in advance of a pandemic infectious disease. The basic simulation model embedding contexts of social connectivity of Singapore can be extended to measure scale and make predictions on the spread of other infectious diseases.

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This project is supported in part by a A*STAR BMRC grant R-252-000-297-305 (26/12/2006 - 25/12/2008).

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