Intensional Expressive Power of Query Languages

Participants: Limsoon Wong


Most existing studies on the expressive power of query languages have focused on what queries can be expressed and what queries cannot be expressed in a query language. They do not tell us much about whether a query can be implemented efficiently in a query language. Yet, paradoxically, efficiency is of primary concern in computer science. In contrast, the general goal of our proposed project is the development of powerful general methodology for studying the intensional expressive power of query languages, especially those that support nested relations, aggregate functions, powerset or recursion operations.


The key differentiating factors of this project include the followings:

In short, this project aims to deliver major breakthroughs in the theoretical study and analysis of the intensional expressive power of query languages in a way that is more general and more powerful than earlier works.

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This project is supported in part by a Singapore Ministry of Education Tier 1 grant, MOE T1 251RES1206.

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