The Kleisli Query System

Participants: Peter Buneman, Jing Chen, Susan Davidson, Kyle Hart, Thangavelu Kandasamy, Kui Lin, Hai Liu, Daphna Strauss, Val Tannen, Jiren Wang, Limsoon Wong, Oliver Wu


Kleisli is a data transformation and integration system that can be used for any application where the data is typed, and has proven especially useful for bioinformatics applications. It extends the conventional flat relational data model supported by the query language SQL to a complex object data model supported by the collection programming language CPL. It also opens up the closed nature of commercial relational data management systems to an easily extensible system that performs complex transformations on autonomous data sources that are heterogeneous and geographically dispersed.


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This project is supported in part by EDB grant to establish the NUS Bioinformatics Center (96 - 98) and NSTB grant LS/99/001/B (10/99 - 9/02).

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