NGS Processing Technologies and Applications

Participants: Xie Luyu, Zhao Liang, Li Jinyan, Wong Limsoon


NGS (next-generation sequencing) technologies have become affordable for more applications. However, the data volumes produced also impose very high demands on computing resources to process and use. For example, genome assembly from NGS reads may take hours to complete, and may require processing nodes with terrabyte memory. This impedes applications in practical settings requiring fast turnaround and/or running on typical desktop computers.

In this project, we develop technologies for more efficient processing of NGS data (e.g. compression, error correction, indexing, and assembly), and apply these technologies in real-life applications (e.g. prenatal and neonatal precision medicine).

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This project is supported in part by NRF grant NRF-SBP-P3, a Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Chair Professorship, a generous donation from iNEX, and a research assistantship from NUS Department of Computer Science.

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