The Protein Interaction Extraction System

Participants: See-Kiong Ng, Limsoon Wong


A large part of the information required for biology research can only be found in free-text form, as in MEDLINE abstracts, or in comment fields of relevant reports, as in GenBank feature table annotations. This information is important for many types of analysis, such as classification of proteins into functional groups, discovery of new functional relationships, maintenance of information on material and methods, extraction of protein interaction information, and so on. However, information in free-text form is very difficult for automated systems to use. The project investigates techniques and applications of natural language processing to the extraction of biological information from free text.


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This project is supported in part by an EDB grant to establish the NUS Bioinformatics Centre (96 - 98) and an NSTB grant LS/99/001/B (10/99 - 9/02).

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