Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing in Plants

Participants: Jingjing Jin, Limsoon Wong, Nam-Hai Chua


Plant metabolites are compounds synthesized by plants for essential functions, such as growth and development (primary metabolites, such as lipid), and specific functions, such as pollinator attraction and defense against herbivores (secondary metabolites). Many of them are also used directly, or as derivatives, to treat a wide range of diseases for humans. There is thus much interest to study the biosynthesis of different plant metabolites and improve their yield.

In this project, we apply next-generation sequencing techniques to to investigate lipid and secondary metabolisms, as well as to identify relevant DNA variations, in important crops.


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This project is supported in part by NRF CRP grant NRF-G-CRP-2997-04-082(d) and an unrestricted gift of Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory.

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