Redundant Email Elimination

Participants: LAN Jiang, NGUYEN The Huy, VO Phan Chuong, WU Xiandan, Raymond KWOK, Limsoon WONG.


With the advent of the Internet more and more people are communicating in electronic form such as via email messages, bulletin board systems and USENET groups. With this increased use of electronic communications, there has also become a greater degree of redundant messaging. Not only is it irritating for a person to find multiple repeated messages in their email folder, but it is a time consuming process for the person to read through all the messages and sort the relevant information from redundant messages. Thus we would like to develop an efficient and effective method and system to identify and eliminate such redundant messages.


The idea for this project was described by Raymond Kwok to Limsoon Wong in January 2000. Several possible embodiments of this idea were then sketched by Limsoon in April 2000. Patents were then applied for October 2000, and granted in April 2005 in Europe and May 2005 in Singapore.

Four different prototypes were then built over two semesters in 2006/7 by Lan Jiang, Nguyan The Huy, Vo Phan Chuong, and Wu Xiandan as their honour-year projects in NUS School of Computing. Comments on these prototypes are found below.

The "Best Redundant Email Elimination Project" award was won by Wu Xiandan, for having built the prototype with (a) the highest degree of robustness, sensitivity, and precision; and (b) a very decent GUI; as well as demonstrating the best professional conduct during the project.



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