Brief Intro

    Zheng Shi
I'm Zheng Shi and currently I'm a second year PhD student working on concurrency and dynamic analysis at PLSE lab of SoC, National University of Singapore. My research interests include dynamic program analysis, concurrency theory and formal methods.


2023 - now, PhD in Computer Science, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
2021 - 2022, Master in Computing, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
2016 - 2020, BSc in Chemistry, Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)


Computer Science
(1) "Optimistic Prediction of Synchronization-Reversal Data Races.", Zheng Shi, Umang Mathur, and Andreas Pavlogiannis. ICSE 2024.

(2) "Greybox Fuzzing for Concurrency Testing." Dylan, Wolff, Zheng Shi, Gregory J. Duck, Umang Mathur, and Abhik Roychoudhury. ASPLOS 2024.
(1) "Single-Handed Double Helix and Spiral Platelet Formed by Racemate of Dissymmetric Cages." X. Liu, Z. Shi, M. Xie, J. Xu, Z. Zhou, S. Jung, G. Cui, T. Li, Z. Liu*, S. Zhang*, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 15080–15086.

Why I left chemistry and entered CS

(1) Concurrency and program analysis are intesting research topics to me.

(2) CS is more thinking-heavy, at least in the subfield that I have stepped in (formal methods). During most of the time, we prove theorems, design algorithms and read papers. Only when every theorem is clear, we begin to do experiments. Chemistry is more about experiments, so that one needs to spend a lot of time working in the wet lab. Sometimes the same experiments have to be repeated for many times, simply because you have used up the materials you synthesized earlier. Usually these experiments are very tedious and don't require much thinking. The experiments are always there and it just needs somebody to do them.

(3) Some practical reasons: Averagely a CS graduate can earn more than chem. Computer Science is safer than chemistry, because in the worst case, you only crash your computer. In chemistry, things can be far more dangerous. See this link for an example.

Beyond researches

(1) Addictive to Dota2. People say if one practices in the correct way for 10,000 hours, then he/she becomes a world-class expert. I have played Dota2 for 4200+ hours and I'm still not good at it. Therefore, I'm on my way to prove that the above theorem is wrong!

(2) Interested in other video games, such as MapleStory, Elden Ring, WOW etc...