International Workshop on Software Verification and Validation (SVV 2004)

In Conjunction with
International Conf. on Formal Engg. Methods (ICFEM) 2004

Seattle (USA), November 8 2004

Details about the Workshop

Goal of the Workshop

Software is playing an important role in economy, government, and military. Since software is often deployed in safety critical applications, correctness and reliability have become issues of utmost importance. Techniques for verification and validation traditionally fall into three main categories. The first category involves informal methods such as software testing and monitoring. The second involves formal verification, i.e., model checking and theorem proving. The third is abstract interpretation and static program analysis techniques.

The goal of this workshop is to promote discussion on novel combinations of these methodologies, as well as study the individual contribution of each of these methodologies in verifying software. An example of a combined verification methodology is the recent research direction that combines abstraction (of infinite-state programs into finite-state ones) with model checking (of finite-state systems).  There is a growing conviction in the research community that such hybrid methodologies are imperative for the process of  analyzing full-fledged software systems. This workshop will study combination of analysis methodologies for verification of software.  This research is very important and timely since

Topics Covered

The workshop will focus on theoretical techniques, practical methods as well as case studies for verification of  conventional and embedded software systems. In particular, we welcome papers which describe combinations of formal and informal reasoning, as well as formal verification and program analysis techniques. Tool papers and case studies, which report on  advances in verifying large scale programs in standard languages are particularly sought. The list of topics include, but are not restricted to:

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