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Puzzle Quest: NUS


As friends, make your way deep into the mysterious world hidden just beyond reality. Solve intricate puzzles that boggle the mind, and test the limits of your intellect. Race through dangerous mazes of lasers and explosions. Find amazing treasure. Push crates!
Players move around using the implicit arrow keys on your phone's number pad, and jump with any of the "upward" keys (1, 2, 3). Other than that, all interaction is through objects on the map; rocks and crates can be pushed, speech bubbles can be broken to release the idea they contain, and collecting a gem ends the level.
Some simple interactions include:
  • Mirrored-rocks reflect lasers
  • Speech bubbles with lasers fire lasers
  • Lasers destroy boxes
  • ... and more! Half the fun is figuring out what one needs to do to proceed
  • And since this is a multiplayer game, we provide features for you to form your own teams. And collaboratively, your team can solve puzzles embedded within the virtual world that will inch you closer to the ultimate treasure!

  • The game engine runs off of standard Java, so any MIDP 2.0 phone (CLDC 1.1) can handle it.
  • Inclusion of the TinyLine library allows one to resize the game's graphics at runtime!
  • Bluetooth connectivity is buit-in, so any player with a (java) Bluetooth-enabled phone can co-operate with any other player for free!
  • Through our online teamwork system, groups of friends can sign up to see each other on a real-world map marked with portals to the virtual world.
  • Every player's positions are displayed on a map using GPS satellite positioning, and simple messaging can be done through the central server free!!!.
  • A level editor comes with the game, which allows one to create puzzles of one's own.
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