Bimlesh Wadhwa
BSc, MSc, Ph.D.(Software Metrics), Delhi University, India
MTech(Software Engineering), National University of Singapore, Singapore

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
School of Computing, National University of Singapore
                                Office : COM2  02-62  
                                Phone : +65 65162973 Email :


Semester 1  Academic Year 2017/2018:

Software Engineering Principles and Patterns  CS3219
Interaction Design CS3240


Software Engineering Principles and Patterns  CS3219
Software Engineering Project II  CS3202
Software Engineering project I  CS3201
Interaction Design, CS3240
Software System Design, CS3213
Software Engineering, CS2103
Interaction Design / Human Computer Interaction, CS3240
Software Engineering Project, CS3215
Introduction to Java, IT1002
Database Management, CS2102
Introduction to Databases, IT2002


Principles of Programming Languages
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Data Structures
‘Java’ Programming Language
‘C’  Programming Language
‘Pascal’ Programming Language

Research Interests 

Computational Thinking
mobile-Health solutions
Usability & User Studies
Formal Methods in Software Engineering
Software Metrics



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Collaborative Tablet Applications to Enhance Language Skills of Children with ASD
Cloud Migration for SMEs
Usability in a collaborative chatroom Design
Usability and Interactivity in navigational application
Game Design for GEP classroom
Design and prototyping of a virtual shell
Developing a platform for Customer Driven Product Development
Object Oriented Metrics
Software Agent Metrics  
Development of an RMA System  
Validation of Agent Interaction Protocols  
Design of Information Portal using Semantic Web Technologies
Object Orient Metrics Thresholds  
Comparison of Agent Development Methodologies   
IVLE case study 
Modelling Techniques and Concepts for a Corporate Application Framework (IBM eSSAF)