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Taking programming out of this world : Teaching computational thinking with Source Academy

NUS Computing freshmen go on intergalactic adventures as part of the Source Academy, an immersive online programming game developed by Associate Professor Martin Henz. Recently, the team behind Source Academy also won the faculty-wide Annual Digital Education Award (Team) for the academic year 2020/2021. 

Measuring The Way You Walk

Keen to up your running game?

This cool ‘wearable’ mobile gait analysis device - developed by NUS Computing Lecturer, Dr Boyd Anderson - can measure the position, acceleration and rotation of your feet as you’re walking, running, or playing sports!


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21 January 2022


In recent years, some companies, including Amazon, JP Morgan, and Unilever, began asking prospective employees to do a curious thing — to film themselves answering a fixed set of questions. The firms would then run the videos through an AI-powered software, scanning faces and eye movements for signs of empathy, dependability, and other ‘desirable’ personality traits.

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26 November 2021


When Jungpil Hahn was appointed head of the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at NUS Computing in 2015, it changed his perspective on many things.

“I began to see the broader picture of the discipline as a whole, and began to think holistically about what we are teaching and what we are missing in the overall curriculum,” recalls Associate Professor Hahn. “That’s when I saw the urgency and extent of the problem.”

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 04:00PM - 05:00PM Streaming Algorithms for Geometric Steiner Forest
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 04:00PM - 05:00PM Automatically Testing Database Systems: Existing Approaches and Future Directions
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