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Charting Our School’s Path through Candid Talks with Leadership
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9 April 2024

Bingsheng delves deep into NUS Computing’s research initiaitves, showcasing how they have been shaping the future …

5 April 2024

Professor Tan traces the School’s journey to global excellence and his vision which empowers humanity in an ever-changing tech landscape …

22 February 2024

From engagement to well-being and diversity, Gary spotlights the transformative student experience at NUS Computing …

26 January 2024

Min discusses challenges in computing education, student selection, and future trends …

A Conversation With Associate Professor Ng Teck Khim, Vice Dean of Industry Relations
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A Conversation With Professor Chan Mun Choon, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies
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A Conversation With Professor Hahn Jungpil, Vice Dean of Communications
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