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The NUS School of Computing (SoC) is pleased to announce that application is open for the SoC Innovation prize (SCS-SoC).

The SoC Innovation Prize is given each year for student projects which demonstrate a significant degree of innovation and high potential socio-economic impact.

Prizes and Certificates for the award:

-   Individual Prize: S$2,000 cash award
-  Team Prize: S$2,000 cash award
Certificates of Merit will be given to high quality submissions

Projects undertaken in SoC for the Final Year (FYP), Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) and individual capstone projects in Business Analytics may be submitted for the Individual category.

The School of Computing Term Project Showcase (STePS) and Team Capstone Projects for Business Analytics may be submitted for the Team category.

We invite you to submit your projects for the SoC Innovation Prize.

Singapore Computer Society (SCS) will participate in the award panel.  They have over 51,000 tech professional members today. SoC students who are SCS student chapter members have access to SCS events, digital resources and a host of other privileges.

SGTech will also participate in the award panel and review promising projects.  SGTech is the leading trade association for Singapore's tech industry. Representing over 1,000 member companies ranging from top multinational corporations, large local enterprises, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovation startups, it is the largest community in Singapore where companies converge to advocate for change and drive what enables tech innovation and accelerates tech adoption to spur greater sustainability in the sector.

The terms and conditions for the SoC Innovation Prize are as follows:

  • The project must be completed before your graduation.
  • You must submit a white paper after your Continual Assessment (CA), which must be endorsed by your project Supervisor and submitted via email.
  • The white paper should clearly state the expected outcome(s) of the project, highlighting the technical problem(s) addressed by the project, the practical approach being taken to solve the problem, and the potential impact of the project in the real world.
  • If you are shortlisted, you will need to make a presentation to a panel of judges.

 You need to provide the following information in your white paper :

  • Title of project
  • Name of supervisor (please indicate FYP, UROP, STePS or Capstone)
  • Abstract of the project (200 words), including motivation and objectives of the project
  • Innovativeness, potential socio-economic impact and commercialization of the project
  • Technical description of the problem
  • Expected deliverables at the end of the project.
  • Your CV and mobile number
  • Pitch Deck (pdf in separate file)
    Some guides on what to include in your pitch deck:
    -Project objectives and technical achievements
    -How is your system or technical achievements better than the current state-of-practice
    -Explain your innovation and describe where the commercial opportunities are
    -Taking the most feasible commercial opportunity, explain what needs to be done before your project can be commercialized

Closing Date for submission: 28 April 2023 (6pm)

Please email your submission (with your supervisor's name) and pitch deck in PDF format to

Here is a list of past winners.


Privacy Notice:

Any personal data provided in the white paper and attachment may be collected, used, processed and disclosed by NUS for Innovation & Entrepreneurship activities related in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and all subsidiary legislation related thereto. NUS may also disclose the personal data to third parties (which may be in or outside of Singapore) where necessary for the activities related.