If you thought starting a tech company is only for the young then you’d be totally wrong. Download the information flyer to find out more about the Furnace, SoC’s early-stage startup incubator. All SoC students, staff and alumni are eligible to apply for residency.


Alumni Flyer 20170201 

The Furnace is pleased to offer infrastructure and management support to foster an entrepreneurial climate and help bring ideas through development to commercial fruition. The goal is to nurture young businesses and help them to survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable.

The Furnace provides physical space in lockable rooms and infrastructure such as network connectivity and telephone lines, to successful applicants for a period of half a year (with renewal options).

The Furnace Starter Kit (guidelines for new arrivals) is available for download at here.

Contact the Furnace at furnace-l@comp.nus.edu.sg