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CS Highlights

Dean Tan Kian Lee
30 April 2024
Professor Tan traces the School's journey to global excellence and his vision which empowers humanity in an ever-changing tech landscape ...
He Bingsheng
9 April 2024
Dive into the heart of innovation with Professor He Bingsheng, Vice Dean of Research at NUS Computing ...
NUS collaborates with Thai universities to organise the Fourth Research Workshop in Thailand
27 March 2024
The workshop was held from 9 to 10 March and aims to help participants considering pursuing graduate studies in a ...
NUS Computing students came back with stellar results at ICPC Asia Pacific Championship
27 March 2024
Between 29 February to 3 March, Team absinthe went against 64 strong teams and emerged second place, just behind the ...
Gary Tan
22 February 2024
From engagement to well-being and diversity, Gary spotlights the transformative student experience at NUS Computing ...
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2024
9 February 2024
A total of 20 NUS Computing faculty members were honoured with Teaching Excellence awards on 26 January 2024. The NUS ...

CS Knowledge@Computing

Logic Bugs
5 January 2024
Sometime between 2019 and 2020, a curious phenomenon began surfacing on Signal, FaceTime, and four other mobile messaging applications: someone ...
Fixing vulnerable computer programs with semantic reasoning
27 September 2023
Debugging is the bane of many a computer programmer’s existence — a task that’s both immensely costly and time-consuming. For ...
15 June 2023
Today’s world moves at such a breakneck speed that it has transformed us into a society that loathes to wait. ...
18 April 2023
Sound and music have always been a big part of Wang Ye’s life, guiding him through a career that has ...
13 April 2023
In the summer of 1983, the government organisation Atomic Energy of Canada Limited launched its newest radiation therapy machine. The ...
10 April 2023
The past few years have been a mixed bag for facial recognition. In 2017, the technology stepped into the global ...

CS Videos

11 December 2023

NUS Computing Assoc Prof Prateek Saxena, Asst Prof Trevor Carlson and PhD student Jason Zhijingcheng Yu delve deeper into CAPSTONE, an exciting new technology with the potential to make our computers much more secure.

12 July 2021

NUS Computing freshmen go on intergalactic adventures as part of the Source Academy, an immersive online programming game developed by Associate Professor Martin Henz. Recently, the team behind Source Academy also won the faculty-wide Annual Digital Education Award (Team) for the academic year 2020/2021.