From theoretical research to industry-ready solutions, our students and faculty engage in impactful,  world-class research across all areas of computer science. ​

Over S$200 million in funds support our research projects, which range from improving open  source software applications, to developing advanced, high-fidelity prototypes for commercial use.​

We value the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship — offering support in the form of our in-house startup incubator, The Furnace, which has nurtured more than 50 active companies founded by our staff and alumni to date.


Our research spans the spectrum of computer science - from theoretical algorithm advancements and programming languages, to applied research in technologies for video gaming, clinical diagnosis, and cyber security.


Our dedicated research centres provide a vibrant, stimulating and supportive environment for faculty members, students, and collaborators to work closely on focused research areas.

They also provide a platform for researchers to connect and develop strong international networks, as well as conduct research with global impact.