Deecentralized Systems & Languages
PhD Degree


The Computer Science Department at National University of Singapore is seeking a research fellow (RF) or senior research fellow (SRF) with expertise in distributed systems security and security of language runtimes. The position is for a 2 year project that aims to develop new mechanisms for building scalable decentralized systems that tolerate fault sub-systems.

The project aims to combine knowledge of advanced distributed systems techniques, consensus algorithms, peer-to-peer networking, blockchains, privacy-preserving techniques, and language runtimes. Applicants will be selected based on their research ability and prior expertise in computer security related work. Candidates are expected to have a strong technical background in one of the topics mentioned above during their PhD work.

The cybersecurity group at NUS offers a vibrant and collaborative environment. Candidates should be prepared to collaborate with the strong research team working in a wide range of topics in cyber-security. A keen interest in system-building or developing theoretical foundations is beneficial.


  • Completed all requirements for a PhD degree.

  • The candidate's track record in publication, and strengths as an independent researcher are valued.

  • Expertise in decentralized systems, cryptography, or language / hardware runtimes is strongly preferred. If the candidate has past system-building, security or applied cryptography research work to demonstrate, this will be considered favorable.

  • Committed to full-time employment at NUS, Singapore.

  • Preference to candidates with strong research background relevant for the project, determined via interviews.


If interested, please send your resume to Prateek Saxena ( and Phan Ying Ling ( including a cover letter, CV and a brief statement of your work undertaken in previous work. The initial term of appointment will be 1 year extensible to 1 more year, upon review of satisfactory performance. The selected candidates will be offered competitive salaries and benefits.

NUS is a reputed world-class university that provides an outstanding and supportive research environment. Its School of Computing is highly ranked (within the top 15) among the computing departments of the world.

Singapore is a vibrant, well-connected city with low taxes and research hub in Asia.