Start-ups currently hosted at the Furnace (Incubation Centre)

Company LocationTelephoneMap/ Photo
ACTS Market Pte Ltd e-Commerce, Social Enterprise, markets products made by handicapped and needy artisans from Asia I3-03-30 6516 6729 Here
bantu Pte Ltd A cloud-based management platform that helps NPOs to engage volunteers effectively I3-03-24 6516 4260 Here
Chirpey 'Chirpey' empowers female travellers by fostering a supportive and safety-centric community with our travel application. I3-03-26 6516 1373 Here
Dexecure Dexecure builds tools to automatically speed up websites using advanced algorithms I3-03-25 6516 8355 Here
Dingle Enterprise Private Limited (Dingle Tutors) 1-1 Home Tuition marketplace connecting parents with quality tutors online I3-03-21 6516 4801 Here
Houdini Pte Ltd (Driven) Car Marketplace on Mobile I3-03-31 6516 6998 Here
Miao Technology Pte Ltd Miao is an AI company specialising in the educational sector. The first product, Miao App, helps students get instant access to curated educational resources by simply taking a photo of their questions.
I3-03-23 6516 6704 Here
StaffAny Pte Ltd

A data-driven approach for the management of hourly workers. We envision the future of work to be on-demand, allowing employees to work for anyone, anytime and anywhere.

I3-03-29 6516 5175 Here
Test1080 Pte Ltd Automated Mobile App Testing – cloud based testing solution for anyone who is an app-developer I3-03-19 6516 1227 Here
Tripledot Technologies (Singapore) Pte Ltd Customized Digital Solutions for the financial, education and eCommerce Industry I3-03-22 6516 4483 Here


Former Start-ups from the Furnace (Incubation Centre)

6Estates Pte Ltd
Daylight Studios Pte Ltd
ezCare Global Pte. Ltd.
FriarTuck Pte Ltd
Inncee Pte Ltd
Investing Note Pte. Ltd.
Mooder Pte Ltd
Mozat Pte Ltd
Pegaxis Pte Ltd
PrivyLink International Ltd
Rate Pte Ltd (RateX)
Singapore Carpentry
Thothe Technologies Pte Ltd
Vinova Pte Ltd
Visenze Pte Ltd