The Furnace Startups

Current Residents

FactoremFactorem offers industry-leading online 3D printing services in Southeast Asia. Save more than 50% of time ordering parts with Factorem’s AI-powered platform.COM2 01-10Click here Francis Yeoh
Recce LabsRecce Labs provides a personalized recommendation platform with multiple algorithms and solutions, catering to businesses of all sizes.COM2 01-09Click hereFrancis Yeoh
EzCompostrEzCompostr is an educational platform that aims to encourage more households to repurpose their food waste.COM2 01-09Click hereSteve O’Connor
MuSigProMuSigPro is an online singing contest platform powered by the state-of-the-art AI Judge to evaluate the singing quality.COM2 01-10Click hereFrancis Yeoh
GenVoiceGenVoice an ADHD platform, uses a voice-based assessment tool to enhance diagnostic accuracy and speed, offering cost-effective and quick results.COM2 01-10Click herePete Kellock
CNeutralCNeutral simplifies sustainable investing for asset managers by offering tools to analyse sustainability data and create transparent investment products, leveraging advanced language models. COM2 01-10Click hereSteve O’Connor