Start-ups currently hosted at the Furnace (Incubation Centre)

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Adhocado is a platform that provides individuals with the easiest and most efficient way to discover common free times within your group of friends.

I3-03-26 6516 1373 Francis Yeoh
bantu Pte Ltd A cloud-based management platform that helps NPOs to engage volunteers effectively I3-03-24 6516 4260 Francis Yeoh
Cyberlife We are building virtual assistants that tap on the power of artificial senses and machine learning to automate the routine parts of the doctor’s work, helping to boost productivity and improve clinical outcomes.
I3-03-31 6516 6998
Teo Hock Hai
Factorem Factorem is an on-demand manufacturing platform.  Factorem connects hardware designers and engineers looking to custom make parts, in particular during the prototyping phase, with qualified suppliers capable of taking up these manufacturing jobs I3-03-23 6516 6704 Francis Yeoh
JumpQueue A web application that will allow customers to save their time by ordering their food online and served as a priority customer. I3-03-29 6516 1369 Lai Kok Fung
Kram Kram is a fintech platform that aims to improve the electronic payments eco-system with its flagship product: Dutch - a mobile app that provides a simple way to share group expenses and pay IOUs via P2P transactions. I3-03-21 6516-4801 James Pang
Learnseeker 1-1 Home Tuition marketplace connecting parents with quality tutors online I3-03-22 6516 4483 Francis Yeoh
Poodle Finance Enable better investment decisions.  AI-driven research platform transform scattered information to quality insights and help investors conduct market and company research at minimal time and cost. I3-03-25 6516 8355
Pete Kellock
Revisit A vocabulary learning application. Revisit employs contextualisation to help users memorise new vacabulary. I3-03-20 6601 1038 Lai Kok Fung
Touucan A social dating app that allows users to go on video blind dates and share their experiences with the Touucan community.  Our app is swipe-free, requires no profile picture, and enables a supportive dating community. I3-03-30 6516 6729
Francis Yeoh
Waffle Technologies A data-driven point-of-sale software that enables small & medium business owners to make smarter, business decisions, and interact with their customers with the best experience, right from the point of sale. I3-03-19 6516 1227 Pete Kellock


Former Start-ups from the Furnace (Incubation Centre)

6Estates Pte Ltd
ACTS Market Pte Ltd
Beep Technologies
Daylight Studios Pte Ltd
Dexecure Pte. Ltd.
ezCare Global Pte. Ltd.
FriarTuck Pte Ltd
Inncee Pte Ltd
Investing Note Pte. Ltd.
Kiasu Foodies
Love, Audacious
Miao Technology Pte Ltd
Mozat Pte Ltd
PrivyLink International Ltd
Rate Pte Ltd (RateX)
Re Technology (ReSieve)
Singapore Carpentry
Test1080 Pte Ltd
Thothe Technologies Pte Ltd
Vinova Pte Ltd
Visenze Pte Ltd