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If you have an innovative idea for a startup venture, do apply for the I&E Practicum@SoC grant!  If awarded, you get a cool $10,000 to work on it further to determine if it can be turned into a real business.

The grant is for one year and is intended for a small team.  While the applicant needs to be from SoC, other members of the team could be from other schools.  In fact, a team comprising students from different disciplines is encouraged.  A diverse team with complementary skills is a strong team.


- The project must be carried out by the student applicant or team and not be part of a project initiated by a Company.

- The main applicant must remain a student during the one-year duration of the grant.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Is there a competitive or differentiating edge to your innovation?
  • Is there a sizable market and a clearly defined initial target market?
  • Does the team have the competencies to deliver?
  • Have you done sufficient research on the market need and competition?
  • Having a demonstrable prototype is an advantage

 Closing Date: 30 April 2021 (6pm)

How to Apply:

Step 1: Read the FAQ

Step 2: Download and complete the application form

Step 3: Prepare a slide deck of not more than 10 slides to explain your idea following the points to be covered in the application form

Step 4: Submit the completed form in PDF format and the slide deck to


Here is a list of past winners.