Internships provide opportunities for to broaden students’ education through practical application by enabling them to appreciate the application of computing knowledge to industrial related projects. Through exposure to meaningful and relevant workplace attachment, we hope to enable our students to apply their learning to the workplace, benefit from on-the-job learning and observing practitioners in action, and provide them a taste of work life environments and of the skillsets required, so that they are better prepared for their transition to the workplace after graduation.

Through internships, we aim for the students to:

  • Apply their computing knowledge in computing-related projects through attachment at organizations.
  • Build good verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate professional standards and ethics in the workplace
  • Understand the business and career paths in the company/industry

For organisations, the programme is an opportunity to tap into the talent that is being groomed in our School.

NUS School of Computing has several internship programmes available :-







Advance Technology Attachement Programme

Industry Internship Programme

Student Internship Programme

Co-operative Education Programme

 Internship Period

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

12 Weeks

12 Weeks (1st Round)
24 Weeks (2nd Round)
28 Weeks (3rd Round)


Jan - Jun
May - Oct

Jan - Jun
May - Oct

May - July

1st Round  - Special Term Yr 1

2nd Round - Sem 2 + Special Term Yr 2 or Special Term Yr 2 + Sem 1 Yr 3

Round 3 - Sem 2 + Special Term Yr 3 or Special Term Yr 3 + Sem 1 Yr 4

Expected Job Scopes*

All suitably technical computing related roles.

Roles must be focused on Information Systems and/or Business Analytics

All suitably technical computing related roles with aparticular emphasis on Computer Science, Software Engineering and/or Information Security roles.

Only for Business Analytics and Information Security students.

Employer Internship Submission Period**

15 Jul 2019
15 Oct 2019

15 Jul 2019
15 Oct 2019

Not yet open for AY19/20

Not yet open for AY19/20

* - All job scopes will be subject to approval from NUS School of Computing.
** - NUS School of Computing will process each submission by the end of each calendar month

Student Eligibility

Students will be eligible for internships once they have met the pre-requisites for the respective structured internship programme. Hence, students will usually be eligible for internships from their second year, second semester, through to fourth year, first semester.

Leave Matters

Vacation Leave

Organisations may grant leave entitlements or benefits to student in accordance to their HR policies.

Compassion Leave

Compassionate leave is allowed for the bereavement of parents, grandparents and siblings. The number of compassionate leave given should follow that of the company's HR policy. The student has to submit a duplicate copy of the death certificate to the company.

Reservist (In-Camp Training) Leave

NSmen who are called up for In-camp Training (ICT) during their reservist periods will not be granted deferment on the grounds of academic commitments. Organisations should allow students to go for their in-camp training.

Organisations may wish to discuss with the intern and the School’s internship administrator to extend their internship period to make-up for the ICT days.

Medical Leave

The student is entitled to paid sick leave (prorated), including medical leave issued by a dentist, if:

  • The student has served the employer for at least 3 months.
  • The student has informed or tried to inform the employer within 48 hours of his/her absence.
  • The student’s sick leave is certified by the company's doctor or a government doctor (including doctors and dentists from approved public medical institutions).
  • Please refer to table below for more details:

No. of months of internship completed

Paid outpatient non-hospitalisation leave (days)

Paid hospitalisation leave (days)




6 and thereafter



Student is to submit the Medical Certificate to the employer.

Please inform the faculty’s programme administrator should the student be absent from work without notification within 48 hours.