The Advanced Technology Attachment Programme (ATAP), course CP3880, is a unit-bearing full-time 6-month internship programme that is offered twice a year. The programme would give students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to industry skills.

Internship periods are a minimum 24 consecutive weeks from January to June and May to November. In order to count as ATAP, your internship job scope has to be computing related and able to add value to your degree programme. The internship period has to correspond with the School’s internship period (please refer to the respective Attachment Timeline table for the official date of internship). Breaking the internship into separate periods will not be permitted.

Students’ progress on projects will be monitored during attachment and an assessment of their performance will be made (on Completed Satisfactory/ Completed Unsatisfactory (CS/CU) basis). 

Students will be given 12 units upon successful completion of the six months attachment programme. Students will not be given the units and will be awarded a Completed Unsatisfactory (CU) grade if they:

  • Fail to complete the six months attachment programme;
  • Fail to submit their monthly and/or final reports without valid reasons; and/or
  • Withdraw from the internship mid-way without valid reasons and/or without consulting the School 



Administrative Matters