Alumni Companies

The following companies were established by members of the School of Computing, including students, alumni, and staff. To have your company listed here, please contact us at

Yan Phun, Co-Founder & COO, Alumnus 2009

99 Group is a leading real estate technology company that operates real estate portals across South East Asia, specialising in digital property advertising.

6Estates Pte Ltd

Luan Huanbo, Co-Founder & CEO, Ex-Researcher

6Estates is a technology company providing global businesses real-time insights and predictions of consumer behavior and preference with a focus on China.

80Twenty Technology and Services Pte Ltd

Christopher Bong, Co-Founder, Alumnus 1994

Software Engineering and Enterprise Architecture Modeling training and consulting services. 80Twenty is the reseller, VAR and authorized trainer for Sparx System EA software.

ACTSmarket Pte Ltd

Cheryl Lee, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 1981

ACTSmarket is a social enterprise and virtual marketplace that enables other social enterprises to help the underprivileged have sustainable livelihood.

Adventus Pte Ltd

Gordon Tan, President & Sales, Alumnus 1999

Adventus is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services Provider with a wide footprint in Asia that helps organizations bring about positive transformations to their business through the intelligent applications of innovative solutions and pertinent services.

Altissimo Studios

AL Tan, Director, Alumnus 2004

A wedding photography company prides on telling the wedding story from different perspectives, be it from the beaming parents, the anxious bride or the eager groom.

Anjels Pte Ltd

Norman Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Alumnus 1987
Lim Beng Cheng, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 1987

Anjels develops innovative wireless system that integrates lighting, electrical control, security control and energy consumption monitoring system using advanced RF technology.


Uzair Javaid, Co-Founder, Alumnus 2021

Transform production data into privacy-preserving and highly realistic synthetic data. Share, access and build with data safely across teams, businesses, and international borders.

Bluelambda Private Limited

Francis Teo, Director, Alumnus 2006

Bluelambda is a full-scale growth accelerator headquartered in Singapore, serving ambitious eCommerce businesses worldwide.

Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd

Arun Devan, Founder & Director, Alumnus 1988

Blue Ocean Systems implements and integrates customised business solutions to help clients increase profitability and improve operational efficiencies.


Ray Ow, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2011

Gain access to the hottest discount codes and credit card promotions in Singapore.

ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd

Kevin Chua, Alumnus 1991

ClickHere2 Network empowers businesses and entrepreneurs with services including web hosting, cloud hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, business email, website security, website backup, VPS, dedicated server, website builder and video streaming services.

Climb Asia Pte Ltd

Lim June Pein, Gym Director, Alumnus 2003

Climb Asia is a group of professional rock climbers, committed to develop the sport and seek new grounds in Singapore and the region.

CommonTown Pte Ltd

Joel Loo, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 1986
Evelyn Chew, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 1992

CommonTown has built up its name in developing web solutions ranging from a Web Builder, and Digital Repositories, to Training & Management Systems and other web technology related products.

Daylight Studios Pte Ltd

Don Sim, Co-Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2010
Alwyn Lee, Co-Founder & COO, Alumnus 2010
Yappy Yap, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 2010

Daylight Studios is a Singapore based mobile app development company that builds mobile apps for their client companies and works on mobile game production projects across multiple markets.


Inian Parameshwaran, Co-Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2014

Dexecure automatically optimizes website performance and serves via a dense content delivery network.

Learnseeker (Dingle Tutors)

Yu Gao Fei, Co-Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2019

First 1-1 home tuition platform in Singapore which provides quality assurance to their clients through their tutor accreditation system and help students get the results they want.

Adrian Lee, Co-Founder & Chairman, Alumnus 2011

Tan Wei Jie, Co-Founder & Project Lead, Alumnus 2011

Develops an internet business by launching an in-house, first in market, online car rental portal.

Houdini Pte Ltd (Driven)

Durwin Ho, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2015

Driven is the mobile-first car marketplace that allows anyone to buy and sell cars using just their smartphones.

eZCare Global Pte. Ltd.

Loh Yiangmeng, Founder, Alumnus 2014

An online trusted peer-to-peer coordination platform that directly connects caregivers (clients) and nurses in the society to provide holistic home nursing care for elderly.

G Element Pte Ltd

Yeow Shin We, Business Director, Alumnus 1998
Woon Tong Wing, Technical Director, Alumnus 1997

G Element specialises in developing 3D digital building technologies, and is the developer of both GermaniumWeb and Conveno.


Veemal Gungadin, CEO, Alumnus 2003

GEVME, short for Great Events Made Easy, is an enterprise cloud-based Event Management tool that makes it easy for serious event organizers to build event pages, online registration forms, event ticketing, invitation email campaigns, on-site check-in, surveys, and more.

Greyloft Pte Ltd

Archit Agarwal, CTO, Alumnus 2018

Greyloft, a Singapore-based brokerage, uses technology to enhance real estate processes, offering online tools and licensed property brokers.

Happy Marketer

Rachit Dayal, Founder & Partner, Alumnus 2005

Happy Marketer is one of the Singapore’s leading digital marketing consulting, services & training companies for enterprises in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics & Conversion Consulting.

Hiwire Data & Security Pte Ltd

Lim Beng Cheng, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 1987

Hiwire is a software security firm while providing data to research companies in Singapore. One of the major projects during its early years was a turn-key project to develop an on-the-fly encryption program for the purpose of protecting classified data in MINDEF/ SAF.

HutCabb Consulting Pte Ltd

Oliver Tian, Director & CEO, Alumnus 1988
Keith Chia, Co-Founder & COO, Alumnus 1999

HutCabb strives to bring proven technology to help transforming clients' business to enrich the experiences of clients' customers. HutCabb services focus on leveraging on data sources, within and out of the company, to guide and create end-customer experiences in a personalised way using biometrics-led business intelligence solutions.

Inncee Pte Ltd

Jamie Liu Junpei, CEO, Alumnus 2004

Inncce helps you to track and analyze your store's product performanace. She can give you the insights on how you can sell your products more effectively, and increase conversions throughout your website.

Investing Note Pte Ltd

Shanison Lin, CEO, Alumnus 2009

InvestingNote is a social crowd wisdom platform that allows investors to share investing ideas with other intelligent investors around the world.


Eric Koh, Co-Founder, Alumnus 2001

The Jobscentral Group is one of the top providers of jobs, education, scholarships and career information and applications in Singapore.


Masana Takahashi, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2014

Jidobox is a provider of Jidobooks, "the simplest bookkeeping service". It offers affordable bookkeeping service which significantly decreases your workload in bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Kaplen I.T. Services Pte Ltd

Chua Hui Lin, Director, Alumnus 2005

Kaplen I.T. Services offers high quality mass-marketed smart-home and time-lapse solution.


Nishanth Sudharsanam, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 2012

Klinify offers you an efficient solution to handle patient records without changing your practice’s workflow.

LeeRit Private Limited

Hoang Huu Hung, Co-Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2009

LeeRit is a Web-based service that focuses exclusively on helping users learn English vocabulary more effectively by helping them remember new words fast, learn with images and learn with friends.

Live Moments LLP

AL Tan, Photographer, Alumnus 2004

LiveMoments LLP is a specialist in the field of event photography which has garnered a reputation for producing some of the best quality prints and services in the market.

Miao Academy

Betty Zhou, CEO, Alumnus 2014

Miao is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that aims to revolutionise the way students learn and access educational resources in STEM.


Chin Su Yuen, CEO, Alumnus 2010

MomoCentral is a real-time freelancer marketplace of human-verified designers and developers.


Liau Jian Jie, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 2021

Mobbin enables users, including UI/UX designers and app developers, to see current design trends, get inspiration, and learn best practices in designing effective and visually appealing user interfaces.

Mozat Pte Ltd

Yin Xinyi, Founder, Alumnus 2007

Mozat is a leading mobile social platform for telecommunications operators. Serving more than 16 million mobile users worldwide, Mozat is building the social hub for the world’s top telcos.

My Cuistot - Healthy Food Delivery Services

Kelvin Tan, CTO, Alumnus 1997
Guillaume MANCA, Web Marketer

My Cuistot helps busy people to eat healthy without shopping and cooking. This is an app assigning nearby professional chefs to clients who need healthy or diet meals every week.


Tiffany Chia, Director

OHMYEVENT provides an extensive range of services including consultation, conceptualization and planning, event management and logistic support.

Rate Pte Ltd (RateX)

Davis Gay, Co-Founder, Alumnus 2017

RateX is a payment solution for foreign e-commerce shopping.

PointStar Pte Ltd

Justin Lee, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2007

PointStar Pte Ltd is an innovative Software Services and Consulting Company.


Dr. Yingjun Wu , Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2017

RisingWave Labs is a startup that innovates the next-generation database systems. The company develops RisingWave, a cloud-native SQL streaming database for modern real-time applications.

School Of Robotics

Lim Beng Cheng, Founder & Principal, Alumnus 1987

School Of Robotics currently carries out R&D only. You can view some of their invention like Plegofield which is a modular robot playing field at and their omni-directional wheels called Holonomic Wheels.

Scissors Paper Stone Pte Ltd

Gordon Tan, Director, Alumnus 1999

Scissors Paper Stone is a children’s specialty hair salon that makes the most out of every child’s haircut. They run on an automated IT queue number and provide children with entertainment like iPad games and movies so their haircut will be an exhilarating experience.

Singapore Carpentry

Ernest Tan, CEO, Alumnus 2012

Singapore Carpentry brings transparency to carpentry and interior design industry via the use of technology.


Jeremy Hon, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 2018

StaffAny transforms hourly work with a vision of a connected workforce. Empowering hourly workers and businesses, it offers workforce management solutions, replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with a data-driven approach for efficiency.

Skylark Infotech

Ajay Seth, Director, Alumnus 2008

Skylark is a Singapore based mobile app development company that builds mobile apps for their client companies and works on mobile game production projects across multiple markets.

Themis Consulting Sdn Bhd

Wong Siaw Ming, Founder & Managing Director, Alumnus 1988

Provision of interim management services, in particular, programme and project management services.

Thothe Technologies Pte Ltd

Tan Kian Lee, Co-Founder & Director, Academic Staff

Pioneer application service provider of image management systems. Provide on-line storage, management and interchange of digital images.

Tiny Whale

Jason Thanh, Co-Founder, Alumnus 2011

Tiny Whale is a software company focusing on developing applications for fast-growing mobile platforms. Pte Ltd

Winnie Tan, Founder, Alumnus 1999 builds technology for better travel experience. She is determined to fill the void she sees in the info-comm sector of the tourism industry and aim to assist the local tourism players in the harnessing of technology for the greater success of the sector.

Trillion Training (S) Pte Ltd

Steven Koh, Training Director, Alumnus 1992

Trillion Training offers the highest quality soft-skills programmes and excellent reliable training services to all their course participants and organisations.


Siddharth Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO, Alumnus 2022

TurboML is a machine learning platform reinvented for real-time.

Vinova Pte Ltd

Mike Nguyen, Co-Founder & Director, Alumnus 2009

Vinova provides cost-effective web development services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the world.

ViSenze Pte Ltd

Li Guangda, Co-Founder & CTO, Alumnus 2011

ViSenze specialises in state-of-the-art Visual Recognition Technology services for various online businesses.

Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd

Jervis Lee, COO & Co-Founder, Alumnus 2009

Vodien helps businesses establish their online presence. As Singapore’s premier 24/7 ICANN-accredited managed hosting provider, they offer a wide portfolio of domain and web hosting solutions such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, content delivery network (CDN), colocation hosting, and dedicated servers.

Websparks Pte Ltd

Chee Chiu, Co-Founder & PMP, Alumnus 2004

Websparks is a professional, full-service, award winning website design and development company based in Singapore. Established in 2003 as Evohub,

Workforce Optimizer

Alan Sevugan, Founder & CEO, Alumnus 2002

Workforce Optimizer Breakthrough Workforce Management and Perioperative Optimization Solutions. WorkforceOptimizer makes scheduling, communicating and coordinating with employees easy.