SoC Innovation Prize 2021 Winners

Year 2021Project TitleName of Student
(SGTech-SoC Prize)
Identifying Phishing Sites: An Interaction-Based Approach (FYP)
(awarded by SGTech and SoC)

Chan Qing Zhou
Special Merit Award
Data Terrain: A Platform for Visualizations (FYP)
(awarded by SoC)
Ian Wu Ling En


SoC Innovation Prize 2020 Winners

Year 2020Project TitleName of Student
(SGTech-SoC Prize)
DataViz - A Visualization Learning Repository (FYP)
(awarded by SGTech and SoC)
Srishti Aggarwal
Team MediVR - Clinical Simulations in VR (STePS)
(awarded by SoC)
Koh Wee Lun, Clarence
Yang Yuqing
Pattany Kruathorn

SoC Innovation Prize 2019 Winners

Year 2019Project TitleName of Student
Individual Treatment Side Effect Prediction from Online User-Generated Content (UROP) Nguyen Van Hoang
Team Remote Surgery DaVinci VR (STePS) Teo Tian Song
Chan Yu Feng
Ong Suyi

SoC Innovation Prize 2018 Winners

Year 2018Project TitleName of Student
Individual SentimentCo Zhou You
Team Slions Karaoke Wang Riwu
Dania Murad
Chitralekha Gupta


FYP/UROP Innovation Award Winners

YearProject TitleName of Student
2016 Parallel Inverted Index Searching on the GPU Luan Wenhao
2015 A Life-changing Mobile Application Jiang Xinyi
SkyStitch: A Collaborative UAV-based Video Monitoring System Meng Xiangyun
2014 DexterJS - Scalable DOM-based XSS Detection Inian Parameshwaran
SmartController: Multimedia-integrated Interactive Game Controller Neha Mittal
2013 Coursemology: Gamified Online Education Platform Doan Manh Hung
2012 SkyBoxz: Elastic Computing on Multiple Clouds Zhao Cong
2011 SoCMultitouch 3D Interactive Directory Nguyen The Loan / Nguyen The Luan
2010 Achieving Universal Connectivity with OpenNAT Yang Qingwei
2009 Human Computation Through Game Playing Lin Tingji Jovian