Venture Initiation Programme@SoC

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 4 April 2024)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. Classlancer

Aditya GHOSH

Classlancer aims to build a comprehensive educational ecosystem for local middle and high school students, providing a blend of academic and extracurricular resources, customized lessons, and peer tutoring across different curriculums while ensuring content stays relevant through a cyclic model.Francis Yeoh
2. LunaRyan LOH Yong RuiLuna, an AI Wedding Planner, streamlines wedding planning by recommending vendors, managing negotiations, and verifying contracts. It enhances the initial experience for couples and offers quality leads to vendors, setting it apart from other platforms.Edwin Koh
3. LegalExpert

MU Zhaoyu

LegalExpert offers immediate, professional legal explanations and document assistance, powered by LLM technology. It’s designed for law offices and individuals seeking legal aid, featuring case predictions and a privacy-focused model to ensure confidentiality.Ng Teck Khim
4. Omega City

LEE Yong Ning

Omega City tackles the isolation many novice programmers feel by blending a supportive community with gamified, collaborative challenges. Addressing a 50% dropout rate, it boosts learning and motivation through social engagement.Wong Weng Fai
5. Mirror World


Mirror World innovates with a digital twin technology, transforming real-world scenes into an immersive virtual 3D environment using advanced rendering algorithms. It caters to markets like virtual tourism, 3D navigation, and heritage preservation, offering users a realistic, interactive experience beyond spatial and temporal constraints.Steve O’Connor
6. JouzuZHANG Yifan JemJouzu innovates Japanese learning through real interactions, focusing on active recall and practical usage. Initially for Japanese learners, it aims to expand to all languages, enhancing learning efficiency.Pete Kellock

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 10 October 2023)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 1


IntelliGrove uses Natural Language Processing to convert psychiatric notes into Knowledge Trees for better data organization, aiding informed decision-making.

Francis Yeoh
2.DocuSurfTIN En Hao

DocuSurf streamlines document navigation with semantic search, results organization, and visual mapping, benefiting researchers, students, and professionals.

Wong Weng-Fai 

Samuel FOO Enze

RehabIt transforms orthopedic rehabilitation through motion sensors, LUNA virtual assistant, and wearables, enabling remote personalized recovery via real-time videoconferencing, integrated with healthcare systems.

Steve O’Connor

Ethan CHEN Ee Shuen

Lexill is a gamified language-learning app helping students accelerate memorization using personalized AI generated mnemonics and features result analytics and space repetition quizzing to improve recall.

Edwin Koh

Terence LEE Chin Jie

Wunderguide’s AI-driven app provides personalized, cost-effective guided tours, saving users time and reducing expenses, with a focus on tech-savvy Gen Zs and Millennials in the global travel industry.

Pete Kellock

Drustan YEO

Bob is an AI-driven legal search engine, serving law students and firms by delivering precise and validated results swiftly.

Ng Teck Khim

KOK Joon Eu Shawn

Supercharge enhances startup team meetings with AI, addressing issues like focus, note-taking, and action items, offering adaptive solutions.

Filippo Giachi


Voila is an OCR app with NLP for simplified calendar event creation through gestures, offering a superior solution.

Pete Kellock


FaloUp’s AI-driven forms streamline in-depth interviews, accelerating data collection for researchers and product companies, yielding richer insights than conventional methods.

Seah Choon Meng
10.Nth Dimension 

Ezekiel ANG Jing Hung

Nth Dimension blends gaming and shopping, uniting users, vendors, and advertisers in a rewarding ecosystem that prioritizes loyalty and engagement.

Filippo Giachi
11.Aspire AI 

HO Lok Wah

Aspire AI provides affordable 1-to-1 AI tutoring, customized for quality education outside school hours, with a commitment to accuracy and reliability.Francis Yeoh

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 2 May 2023)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. BetterEarth/EcoQuestCui Shen YiBetterEarth gaming app is designed to encourage sustainable living habits by making it fun and engaging to learn eco-friendly practices and incorporate them into daily life. Lai Kok Fung
2. ChemQuest Kim YongbeomBy automating and personalising the setting of questions – we help physical science and engineering students learn by matching them up automatically with questions suitable for their competency. We reconcile educators’ many responsibilities and students’ never-ending requests for practice problems to improve their competencies.Pete Kellock
3. GenieDion NeoGenie is building a chat-based tool to help developers understand code in minutes instead of hours.Wong Weng-Fai
4. Surf – ChatGPT for smart contractsEthan Wei YuxinSurf aims to address one of the critical aspects of the Web3 landscape – smart contractsWong Weng-Fai
5. TreeTabsAryan JainA graphical interface where browser tabs are presented in a tree. Its visual nature allows for easy organisation and navigation for those planning their next travel.Steve O’Connor
6. Vault of ScrollsGernene TanVoS is a digital novel marketplace with an integrated editing platform. Readers want quality novels and writers want accessible editing. By integrating the editing process before novels reach readers, our platform differentiates itself from competitors.Francis Yeoh
7. WrythmVaishnav Muralidharan Writhym is an AI tool to annotate pieces of the tabla (Indian Hand Drum) to allow novice students to record and easily manage notes of their lessons .Pete Kellock

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 3 October 2022)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. DynoteWang XiuxuanA cross-platform handwriting app. supporting different platforms and with great syncing features.Wong Weng Fai
2. ezWebLi ChengyueA one-stop telegram-bot powered site management tool that allows users to create, update and analyze websites by interacting telegram bot.Seah Choon Meng
3. GigZ HomeAlissa YarmanthoGigz is a one-stop platform for all things related to home services such as aircon repairs/maintenance, home cleaning, plumbing etc.Pete Kellock
4. My Bionic BearMathan ChidambaranathanMy Bionic Bear is an engineering workshop for young students (10-15 years old) to build their own robot, incorporating micro-controllers to help build students’ computational thinking abilities from a young age.Steve O’Connor
5.QuickFormChok Yong Hsin, ZacchaeusQuickForm generates synthetic data on-demand to help SMEs make their existing datasets (small-scale, incomplete, non-representative) to become compatible with today’s big data paradigm.Pete Kellock
6. The 100 ClubSean TanThe 100 Club [] is a private mastermind community for the most successful founders in tech.Francis Yeoh
7. VirtualityAng Yang ChengA build-your-own virtual influencer platform – allowing brands, creative agencies and individuals to create virtual influencers with minimal technical expertise.Lai Kok Fung
8. XimplearTeoh Jun JieThe core problem we want to solve is, how do we locate an object in a space affordably and accurately.Lai Kok Fung

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 22 April 2022)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. ASA TeamMarcus Tan Zhong HongAn app aimed at merging HR with mental well-being with the latter using the PERMA model.  AI will be used to evaluate and flag mental well-being issues.Francis Yeoh
2. CyberlifeOwen Yap YuhanCyberlife provides pre-diagnosis of nerve issues in a telemedicine setting.  The app aims to track disease progression and automate some of the assessment tasks.Wong Weng Fai
3. Easy ItineraryIsaac Tan Pang YewA Telegram-based itinerary planning app.Lai Kok Fung
4. EzCompostrGabriel Yang Yao GuangAn app to aid composting by linking people interested in composting their food waste with potential users of the compost.Steve O’Connor
5. Gesture Interface for Augmented RealityIsaac Khoo Jia LeA glove device paired with a VR glasses to aid persons with muscular disability to interact with applications.Ng Teck Khim
6. Sync SenseKartike KhandelwalAn audio remote monitoring device with AI capability to diagnose potential faults in wind turbine farms.Pete Kellock
7. TranquilioMathur AayushA personalized mental wellness app aimed at workplace stress management.Lai Kok Fung

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 21st October 2021)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. AvTantZhang ZhiyaoLearning Pronunciations by the deaf.Seah Choon Meng
2. CoinhallAaron Choo Qi LeReal time charting tool for Terra blockchain.Francis Yeoh
3. FloramisRaghav BhardwajA smart flower pot that also doubles as a pet.Lai Kok Fung
4. Global CertificatesDeshmukh Durvesh SatishUsing block chain to store verifiable documents.Francis Yeoh
5. HayStackTan Ye KaiBetter support for code search, using a natural language interface.Wong Weng Fai
6. Wottle NFTElton Tay Jing ShengA blockchain NFT app for digital artist.Wong Weng Fai

VIP@SoC (Date of award: 1st June 2021)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. bonafideEden Chew Jun AnSeah Choon Meng
2. BovinTech-Livestock Identification SystemMohammad Shoib Memon LoyaNg Teck Khim
3. Contrannect/BuildConnectAng Koon HianPete Kellock
4. EscapadeAiden Low Yew WoeiFrancis Yeoh
5. IoT enabled wearables in hospitalsQiu Jing YingWong Weng Fai
6. OnSight Construction ManagementKhenus Tan Jia LiangLai Kok Fung
7. PhysiospalErnest Chan Yew WhyeLai Kok Fung
8. PoodlefinanceHaojun GaoPete Kellock
9. Silver BuddyMurugesan KarthikaFrancis Yeoh

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 12 October 2020)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. CartePhang Tze MingLai Kok Fung
2. Data TerrainIan Wu Ling En
Anshul Anil Gaur
Bimlesh Wadhwa
Wong Weng Fai
3. GratifyTeng Dao XiongFrancis Yeoh
4. I Meet MyselfBenjamin Fheng Guo JingFrancis Yeoh
5. OneHouseTang GuofengNg Teck Khim
6. SwapItRoy Chan Chuan ZhiNg Teck Khim
7. TutoriaJereld Lim Jun YouPete Kellock
8. UniLyticsLi XingxuanSeah Choon Meng
9. VibefamLim Chun YongPete Kellock

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 30 April 2020)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. Cent ItLee Jia Yao EdwardFrancis Yeoh
2. CraterYeo Chong Ern MarcusFrancis Yeoh
3. GulliverLim Shi Chen KerwinLai Kok Fung
4. Novel Braille ReaderGaurav SharmaPete Kellock
5. YourWiFiShi LianjieWong Weng Fai
6. yWasteKhairul Iman Nasri Bin AzharieNg Teck Khim

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 1 October 2019)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. AtomiCloudJerry Zhang ZhuoranWong Weng Fai
2. CoduERishi MahadevanWong Weng Fai
3. Ease of prototypingElliot Tan Yew HanNg Teck Khim
4. Fade.AIShawn ChewPete Kellock
5. HusslrPereira Yip Ding XianLai Kok Fung
6. ShareShipTan PinxiFrancis Yeoh
7. SilverRideLow Zi JieLai Kok Fung
8. Social VisionAaryam SrivastavaSteve O’Connor

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 17 April 2019)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. AirWatcherXu JunyuanWong Weng Fai
2. ApexieAng Zhan Yu, AlexSeah Choon Meng
3. BrideToolMak Zhi Hao, KeloysiusFrancis Yeoh
4. Generating Signals from Alternative
Data for Financial Predictive Analytics
Francesco GelliSeah Choon Meng
5. IntraChatLim Cheng Zhong, JoshuaWong Weng Fai
6. JumpQueueChia Jia Jin, JustinLai Kok Fung
7. POPPEGGiam Ju XianFrancis Yeoh
8. SmartEdgeWaleed Al-GobiWong Weng Fai
9. WaitNoMoreLo Ka Chun, Marcus
LI Peng Cheng, Jacob
Francis Yeoh

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 3 October 2018)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. VarioraFan WenkaiWong Weng Fai
2. MobbinLim Ji HoLai Kok Fung
3. Home Sweet HomeZhuang YuanNg Teck Khim
4. ViewBaseChen Qinghao WilliamSeah Choon Meng
5. Makan RescueAhmad Syafiq Bin RuhazatFrancis Yeoh

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 30 April 2018)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor

Sem 2

1. ALeapLei YangLai Kok Fung
2. Information from User to UserSoh Jiong HaoRahul Jain
3. SlionS KaraokeWang RiwuWang Ye
4. Webcast.lyStephen Chua Rong ZhiNg Teck Khim
5. Targeted Iterative FeedbackChoo Jek BaoFrancis Yeoh
6. DateIdeas SingaporeLee Kuan FeiLai Kok Fung


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 23 November 2017)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
1. ASPECTZhang JiangweiPete Kellock
2. ConneKtAdeeb Ashraf Bin Mirzha Alam ArifLai Kok Fung
3. inDvisionDebabrota BasuFrancis Yeoh
4. IPACTran Duc MuoiNg Teck Khim
5. JioVictor Yeo Wei TeckWong Sang Wuoh,Seah Choon Meng
6. –MotionYong Zhun HungWong Weng Fai
7. ShopNdropAshesh SasidharanJames Pang


I&E Practicum@SoC

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
20171. bBridge++ OnlineIvan SamborskiiFrancis Yeoh
2. BNVirtPravein Govindan KannanWong Weng Fai
3. Dingle TutorsKwok Jun KiatLai Kok Fung
4. JayeoNg Zi KaiLai Kok Fung
5. SmartPoolLuu The LoiNg Teck Khim
6. VoixTeo De-ZhaoLai Kok Fung

I&E Practicum@SoC

YearProject TitleName of Student
20161. AkefeChen Xiangyun
2. ElyfuntShenbaga Lakshmi Srinivasan
3. HorfenTan Kar Tong
4. iAm HealthNguyen Duy Hoang
5. LineUpHo Ren Sen
6. BeerroundCamille Sophie Ida Strasser

VaSCo Award Winners

YearProject TitleName of Student












WordNews: Second Language Learning from News Websites
Crowdsourced Delivery Platform for E-Commerce
DexterJS: Scalable DOM-Based XSS Detection
Logtomation, Cargo Space Planner
Secure Distributed Analytics System
Underwater Smart Phone
Aviral Prakash
Jin Zhe
Kang Hong Jin
Lee Dong Hoon
Li Yawen
Muhammed Muneer Bin Gulam Mohamed
Seah Ru Hong
Sun Jingwen
Varun Kumar Patro
Voon Soo Yin
Wang Xien Dong
Inian Parameshwaran
Ong Zhen Ming
Prasanta Bhattacharya
Supraja Bhavani Sekhar
Loh Yiang Meng
Phan Quy Trung
Qin Zhengquan
Rahij Ramsharan
Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat
Zhou Ziling
Amulya Khare
Bai Haoyu
Chen Liang
Steven Goh Jian Wei