Venture Initiation Program@SoC (Date of award: 3 October 2022)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. Dynote Wang Xiuxuan A cross-platform handwriting app. supporting different platforms and with great syncing features. Wong Weng Fai
2. ezWeb Li Chengyue A one-stop telegram-bot powered site management tool that allows users to create, update and analyze websites by interacting telegram bot. Seah Choon Meng
3. GigZ Home Alissa Yarmantho Gigz is a one-stop platform for all things related to home services such as aircon repairs/maintenance, home cleaning, plumbing etc. Pete Kellock
4. IMAI GroupBuy Chang Kai-Chin GroupBuy business
We will use our revolutionized +1 system implemented within Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram to accumulate the orders automatically; send out notifications when products arrived and are ready to pick up at pick-up points.
Ng Teck Khim
5. My Bionic Bear Mathan Chidambaranathan My Bionic Bear is an engineering workshop for young students (10-15 years old) to build their own robot, incorporating micro-controllers to help build students' computational thinking abilities from a young age. Steve O'Connor
6. QuickForm Chok Yong Hsin, Zacchaeus QuickForm generates synthetic data on-demand to help SMEs make their existing datasets (small-scale, incomplete, non-representative) to become compatible with today's big data paradigm. Pete Kellock
7. The 100 Club Sean Tan The 100 Club [] is a private mastermind community for the most successful founders in tech. Francis Yeoh
8. Virtuality Ang Yang Cheng A build-your-own virtual influencer platform - allowing brands, creative agencies and individuals to create virtual influencers with minimal technical expertise. Lai Kok Fung
9. Ximplear Teoh Jun Jie The core problem we want to solve is, how do we locate an object in a space affordably and accurately. Lai Kok Fung


Venture Initiation Program@SoC (Date of award: 22 April 2022)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. ASA Team Marcus Tan Zhong Hong An app aimed at merging HR with mental well-being with the latter using the PERMA model.  AI will be used to evaluate and flag mental well-being issues. Francis Yeoh
2. Cyberlife Owen Yap Yuhan Cyberlife provides pre-diagnosis of nerve issues in a telemedicine setting.  The app aims to track disease progression and automate some of the assessment tasks. Wong Weng Fai
3. Easy Itinerary Isaac Tan Pang Yew A Telegram-based itinerary planning app. Lai Kok Fung
4. EzCompostr Gabriel Yang Yao Guang An app to aid composting by linking people interested in composting their food waste with potential users of the compost. Steve O'Connor
5. Gesture Interface for Augmented Reality Isaac Khoo Jia Le A glove device paired with a VR glasses to aid persons with muscular disability to interact with applications. Ng Teck Khim
6. Sync Sense Kartike Khandelwal An audio remote monitoring device with AI capability to diagnose potential faults in wind turbine farms. Pete Kellock
7. Tranquilio Mathur Aayush A personalized mental wellness app aimed at workplace stress management. Lai Kok Fung


Venture Initiation Program@SoC (Date of award: 21st October 2021)

YearProject TitleName of StudentBusiness IdeaFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. AvTant Zhang Zhiyao Learning Pronunciations by the deaf. Seah Choon Meng
2. Coinhall Aaron Choo Qi Le Real time charting tool for Terra blockchain. Francis Yeoh
3. Floramis Raghav Bhardwaj A smart flower pot that also doubles as a pet. Lai Kok Fung
4. Global Certificates Deshmukh Durvesh Satish Using block chain to store verifiable documents. Francis Yeoh
5. HayStack Tan Ye Kai Better support for code search, using a natural language interface. Wong Weng Fai
6. Wottle NFT Elton Tay Jing Sheng A blockchain NFT app for digital artist. Wong Weng Fai


Venture Initiation Program@SoC (Date of award: 1st June 2021)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. bonafide Eden Chew Jun An Seah Choon Meng
2. BovinTech-Livestock Identification System Mohammad Shoib Memon Loya Ng Teck Khim
3. Contrannect/BuildConnect Ang Koon Hian Pete Kellock
4. Escapade Aiden Low Yew Woei Francis Yeoh
5. IoT enabled wearables in hospitals Qiu Jing Ying Wong Weng Fai
6. OnSight Construction Management Khenus Tan Jia Liang Lai Kok Fung
7. Physiospal Ernest Chan Yew Whye Lai Kok Fung
8. Poodlefinance Haojun Gao Pete Kellock
9. Silver Buddy Murugesan Karthika Francis Yeoh


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 12 October 2020)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. Carte Phang Tze Ming Lai Kok Fung
2. Data Terrain Ian Wu Ling En
Anshul Anil Gaur
Bimlesh Wadhwa
Wong Weng Fai
3. Gratify Teng Dao Xiong Francis Yeoh
4. I Meet Myself Benjamin Fheng Guo Jing Francis Yeoh
5. OneHouse Tang Guofeng Ng Teck Khim
6. SwapIt Roy Chan Chuan Zhi Ng Teck Khim
7. Tutoria Jereld Lim Jun You Pete Kellock
8. UniLytics Li Xingxuan Seah Choon Meng
9. Vibefam Lim Chun Yong Pete Kellock


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 30 April 2020)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. Cent It Lee Jia Yao Edward Francis Yeoh
2. Crater Yeo Chong Ern Marcus Francis Yeoh
3. Gulliver Lim Shi Chen Kerwin Lai Kok Fung
4. Novel Braille Reader Gaurav Sharma Pete Kellock
5. YourWiFi Shi Lianjie Wong Weng Fai
6. yWaste Khairul Iman Nasri Bin Azharie Ng Teck Khim


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 1 October 2019)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. AtomiCloud Jerry Zhang Zhuoran Wong Weng Fai
2. CoduE Rishi Mahadevan Wong Weng Fai
3. Ease of prototyping Elliot Tan Yew Han Ng Teck Khim
4. Fade.AI Shawn Chew Pete Kellock
5. Husslr Pereira Yip Ding Xian Lai Kok Fung
6. ShareShip Tan Pinxi Francis Yeoh
7. SilverRide Low Zi Jie Lai Kok Fung
8. Social Vision Aaryam Srivastava Steve O'Connor


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 17 April 2019)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 2
1. AirWatcher Xu Junyuan Wong Weng Fai
2. Apexie Ang Zhan Yu, Alex Seah Choon Meng
3. BrideTool Mak Zhi Hao, Keloysius Francis Yeoh
4. Generating Signals from Alternative
Data for Financial Predictive Analytics
Francesco Gelli Seah Choon Meng
5. IntraChat Lim Cheng Zhong, Joshua Wong Weng Fai
6. JumpQueue Chia Jia Jin, Justin Lai Kok Fung
7. POPPEG Giam Ju Xian Francis Yeoh
8. SmartEdge Waleed Al-Gobi Wong Weng Fai
9. WaitNoMore Lo Ka Chun, Marcus
LI Peng Cheng, Jacob
Francis Yeoh


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 3 October 2018)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
Sem 1
1. Variora Fan Wenkai Wong Weng Fai
2. Mobbin Lim Ji Ho Lai Kok Fung
3. Home Sweet Home Zhuang Yuan Ng Teck Khim
4. ViewBase Chen Qinghao William Seah Choon Meng
5. Makan Rescue Ahmad Syafiq Bin Ruhazat Francis Yeoh

I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 30 April 2018)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor

Sem 2

1. ALeap Lei Yang Lai Kok Fung
2. Information from User to User Soh Jiong Hao Rahul Jain
3. SlionS Karaoke Wang Riwu Wang Ye
4. Stephen Chua Rong Zhi Ng Teck Khim
5. Targeted Iterative Feedback Choo Jek Bao Francis Yeoh
6. DateIdeas Singapore Lee Kuan Fei Lai Kok Fung


I&E Practicum@SoC (Date of award: 23 November 2017)

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
1. ASPECT Zhang Jiangwei Pete Kellock
2. ConneKt Adeeb Ashraf Bin Mirzha Alam Arif Lai Kok Fung
3. inDvision Debabrota Basu Francis Yeoh
4. IPAC Tran Duc Muoi Ng Teck Khim
5. Jio Victor Yeo Wei Teck Wong Sang Wuoh,Seah Choon Meng
6. --Motion Yong Zhun Hung Wong Weng Fai
7. ShopNdrop Ashesh Sasidharan James Pang

I&E Practicum@SoC

YearProject TitleName of StudentFaculty Mentor
2017 1. bBridge++ Online Ivan Samborskii Francis Yeoh
2. BNVirt Pravein Govindan Kannan Wong Weng Fai
3. Dingle Tutors Kwok Jun Kiat Lai Kok Fung
4. Jayeo Ng Zi Kai Lai Kok Fung
5. SmartPool Luu The Loi Ng Teck Khim
6. Voix Teo De-Zhao Lai Kok Fung

I&E Practicum@SoC

YearProject TitleName of Student
2016 1. Akefe Chen Xiangyun
2. Elyfunt Shenbaga Lakshmi Srinivasan
3. Horfen Tan Kar Tong
4. iAm Health Nguyen Duy Hoang
5. LineUp Ho Ren Sen
6. Beerround Camille Sophie Ida Strasser



VaSCo Award Winners

YearProject TitleName of Student












WordNews: Second Language Learning from News Websites
Crowdsourced Delivery Platform for E-Commerce
DexterJS: Scalable DOM-Based XSS Detection
Logtomation, Cargo Space Planner
Secure Distributed Analytics System


Underwater Smart Phone

Aviral Prakash
Jin Zhe
Kang Hong Jin
Lee Dong Hoon
Li Yawen
Muhammed Muneer Bin Gulam Mohamed
Seah Ru Hong
Sun Jingwen
Varun Kumar Patro
Voon Soo Yin
Wang Xien Dong
Inian Parameshwaran
Ong Zhen Ming
Prasanta Bhattacharya
Supraja Bhavani Sekhar
Loh Yiang Meng
Phan Quy Trung
Qin Zhengquan
Rahij Ramsharan
Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat
Zhou Ziling
Amulya Khare
Bai Haoyu
Chen Liang
Steven Goh Jian Wei