SoC supports a variety of student-run interest groups that will provide students with excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded peers. Student clubs and interest groups are open to all SoC students.


NUS Students Computing Club

The NUS Students’ Computing Club represents undergraduates in NUS School of Computing. Their mission is to provide support for all undergraduates during their stay at SoC. This is achieved by taking strides in efforts to enhance their welfare, provide leadership opportunities and provide liaising opportunities between the IT industry and them.

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Developer Student Clubs (DSC)

Developer Student Clubs (DCS) NUS is a community group where students interested in technology grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for the community. DSC NUS comprises of passionate learners with the aim to make a difference in society, in our mission of #TechForGood.

Alongside developing software solutions for Non-Profit Organisations, they run workshops to build generative technology skills amongst the student population. They also organise their annual flagship hackathon Hack for Good where students build solutions to solve challenge statements targeted at community issues.

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NUS Fintech Society

Fintech, short for ‘Financial Technology’, has been on the rise in the past couple of years. In 2020, banks will cumulatively spend about $300 billion on IT1, and the total value of investments in Fintech start-ups will be upwards of $50 billion2. It is against this backdrop that this society was formed, in August 2018.

NUS Fintech Society focusses their research on two major technologies that are projected to drive rapid change on a global scale – Machine Learning and Blockchain. In addition to equipping their members with knowledge in these areas, they also provide opportunities for members to:

  1. Build projects by implementing code and open-sourcing it on the web.
  2. Publish thought articles by doing deep dive analysis into related research areas.
  3. Network with Fintech professionals by hosting events, dialogues and talks.
  4. Collaborate with other similar societies both locally and globally, in world-renowned institutions.

Students seeking careers in Financial Institutions, Technology Companies, Consulting Firms and Unicorn Start-ups would benefit from joining this society.

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NUS Games Development Group

NUS Student's Games Development Group (NUS GDG) is a student interest group formed by students with a passion for making fun, innovative games. They hope to cultivate and encourage creative and innovative ideas from their members who come from all faculties.

Through the combination of their accumulated knowledge of game development and their passion for games, they aim to design their dream games to share with everyone.

Besides making games, NUSGDG also hold workshops on various topics in game development to guide newcomers in taking their first steps. These workshops are either conducted by their more experienced members, or by experts that they’ve invited. They also occasionally invite speakers from the industry to give a talk to their members. For those looking for a challenge, NUSGDG organises annual game jams.

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NUS GreyHats

NUS GreyHats is a special interest group designed to spark students' interest in information security and advance the level of security proficiency towards the aim of contributing to the growing need for cyber defenders in the government and private sectors. 

They achieve this by investigating the arcane art of 'hacking' and revealing the secrets of the shadowy cyber criminal in a fun and engaging approach. They heavily encourage self-exploration but also provide a safe framework of guidance and direction through a close-knit and drama-free community. 

In addition, they take part in international information security competitions as well as organise their own events such as technical sharing talks and hands-on workshops. 

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NUS Hackers

In the jargon of the computer programmer, a hacker is someone who strives to solve problems in elegant and ingenious ways. NUS Hackers is a student-run organization committed to the spread of hacker culture & free/open-source software. They provide a support system for hackers in NUS who are currently building things (be it for charity, business or pleasure). They also hold talks, workshops, run hackathons, and maintain open source code for the NUS community.

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NUS StartIT serves as the key platform for students passionate in the field of IT and technopreneurship to unite and expand their expertise together.

Today’s Thinkers, Tomorrow’s Technopreneurs.

Mission (4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship):

  1. Learning - To expose members to various fields of tech and entrepreneurship to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to start their journey as a technopreneur.
  2. Sharing - To nurture our members by providing the ideal environment for growth, sharing and idea validation.
  3. Networking - To create networking opportunities and interactions between established entrepreneurs and students.
  4. Doing - To provide the necessary guidance, infrastructure, and community for members to start their own endeavours, including microprojects, NOC, and their own start-ups.

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