Life as a Computer Engineering student5 ceg

You're a computer-savvy individual.

You're just as passionate about processors and motherboards as web apps and social media.

You're fascinated with the digital electronics that make computing possible.

And you'd love nothing more than to develop components for the next generation of smartphones or wearable tech.

If any of the above sounds like you, a career in Computer Engineering may in your future.

Computer Engineering lies at the intersection between computing and electronics. While computer science students dedicate most of their time to programming and software, Computer Engineering students spend most of their time working on electronics and hardware.

The NUS Computer Engineering (CEG) program is holistic and comprehensive. We pride ourselves on offering the strongest technical foundation in computing available at any school in the country. Accordingly, the CEG program will provide you with in-demand skills, not only in computer engineering, but also electrical engineering, computer hardware design, and software. Whether you want to pursue a career in the semiconductor industry, or branch out into programming and OS design, our Computer Engineering program will provide the foundation for a rewarding, high-paying career in the world’s most innovative industry.


Widen your horizon through a Double Degree, Double Major, or Minor programme

Students can also apply to do a Double Degree (e.g., in Computer Engineering and Business Administration/Economics), Double Major (e.g., in Innovation & Design, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, or Systems Engineering), or even a Minor (e.g., in Entrepreneurship, Economics, Financial Mathematics, Management, or Statistics). For further information, please refer to: 

[*subject to meeting requirements]



Sampler of Modules

CS1010 Programming Methodology

The app industry has exploded and programmers are enjoying soaring salaries and high demand for their talents everywhere. This is where you begin your journey as a highly sought after developer.


EE2026 Digital Design

Do you ever wonder what lies under the hood of the amazingly cool iPhone? How does a collection of transistors become the powerful mobile processor giving life to your smartphone? Learn about the wonderful world of processor design here.


CS2113 Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming

Writing a single program is challenging, yet the sense of achievement that comes from having a working application is indescribable. Now imagine building complete systems for large corporations!


CG2271 Real Time Operating Systems

Airplane computers manage many complicated factors like air density, altitude, and navigation to keep you in the air. Now imagine that computer suddenly displaying the Blue Screen of Death. Learn how operating systems are made reliable enough so that lives can actually depend on them.


CS3243 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

How do you build Skynet? How can machines represent knowledge? How do they reason about the world? Follow up with CS3244 Machine Learning, CS4244 Knowledge-based Systems, and CS4246 AI Planning & Decision Making.


CS3247 Game Development

Learn the underlying principles and theories that you will use to make the next great game that captures the world’s imagination!


CG4002 Computer Engineering Capstone Project

Over the past three years, you have learnt how to build a computer, deploy a customised operating system that guarantees performance, and build large complex software systems. Now put all of your knowledge together and engineer complex systems that solve real world problems!


What You Could Be

bullet arrow  Applications Developer at Facebook
bullet arrow  Enterprise Lead at Palantir Technologies
bullet arrow  Software Engineer at Garena
bullet arrow  Engineer at Agilent Technologies
bullet arrow  Software Developer at Lucasfilm
bullet arrow  Startup Founder
bullet arrow  Graduate Student in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering