NUS School of Computing offers the following internship programmes :-

 Internship ATAPIIPSIPMComp (GT) Capstone
 NameAdvanced Technology Attachement ProgrammeIndustry Internship ProgrammeStudent Internship ProgrammeMaster of Computing Capstone Internship@
Internship Duration

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

12 Weeks

16 Weeks
Internship Period for Current Cycle6 Jan 2025
to 20 Jun 2025^
6 Jan 2025
to 20 Jun 2025^
13 May 2025
to 1 Aug 2025^
13 May 2025 to 12 Sept 2025
Employer  Submission Period*15 Jul 2024
to 31 Oct 2024
15 Jul 2024
to 31 Oct 2024
16 Dec 2024
to 31 Mar 2025
1 Nov 2024
to 31 Mar 2025
Student Application Period4 Sep 2024
to 15 Nov 2024
4 Sep 2024
to 15 Nov 2024
10 Feb 2025
to 18 Apr 2025
1 Dec 2024
to 31 Mar 2025
Deadline for Employers to Offer Internships**6 Dec 20246 Dec 20242 May 202515 Apr 2025
Expected Job Scopes***All suitably technical computing related roles.

Roles must be focused on Information Systems and/or Business Analytics.

Note: Students would need to be hired in pre-arranged pairs.

All suitably technical computing related roles with a particular emphasis on Computer Science, Software Engineering and/or Information Security roles.Topics are required to be IT/ computing-related problems/ topics
Eligible Students

Students from:-

  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems

Students from:-

  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Science#
  • Information Security#
  • Information Systems

# Must be paired with Business Analytics / Information Systems student

Students from:-

  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems

Students from:-

  • Master of Computing  (General Track)

^ Some variance allowed, please write to internship@comp.nus.edu.sg to confirm.

* Postings are batched process fortnightly.

** Students have up to 5 working days to accept an offer.

*** All job scopes will be subject to review and approval from NUS School of Computing.

@ For enquiries on Capstone Internships, please contact mcomp-gen-capstone@comp.nus.edu.sg

Terms and Conditions

Participation in our various internship programmes requires employers to follow guidelines stipulated in our Terms & Conditions.

Submission of Internship Postings

To simplify login and access, internship submissions are now integrated into the NUS TalentConnect portal managed by NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG).

If you do not have an account on NUS TalentConnect portal, please register your company directly here.

Specific details on the available internship programmes can be found on the portal once you have logged in.

For any questions related to NUS TalentConnect portal, contact talentconnect@nus.edu.sg.

Company Supervisor

An appointed supervisor of the host company is required to provide the following support:-

  1. Assist students in identifying and clarifying internship goals and objectives. Discuss with the students the details of their internship programme’s expected outcomes

  2. Supervise and guide the student throughout their internship

  3. Provide ethical guidance and support as the student practices professional skills and develops a professional role

  4. Respond to concerns and questions of student

  5. Assess monthly progress report from student. Monthly report will describe the work done in the month and the personal reflection of the student

  6. Evaluate student’s work and provide feedback to students on his/her performance

  7. Provide necessary recommendations to improve student’s performance

  8. Assess interim (except SIP) and final reports from student

  9. Evaluate the student in accordance to assessment rubric found in internship feedback system

  10. Provide feedback to NUS Computing to help with assessment of student

Evaluation and feedback for the student will be done via NUS Computing’s Internship Feedback system. Account details will be sent to company supervisors.

Student Eligibility

Students will be eligible for internships once they have met the pre-requisites for the respective structured internship programme. Hence, students will usually be eligible for internships from their second year, second semester, through to fourth year, first semester.

Monthly Allowance

The minimum monthly allowance for computing internships is S$1,000.
The median monthly allowance is approximately S$1,500-S$1,600.

Leave Matters

Vacation Leave
Organisations should provide Vacation Leave per Ministry of Manpower guidelines, but may grant additional leave entitlements or benefits to students in accordance to their HR policies.

Compassion Leave
Compassionate leave is allowed for the bereavement of parents, grandparents and siblings. The number of compassionate leave given should follow that of the company’s HR policy. The student has to submit a duplicate copy of the death certificate to the company.

Reservist (In-Camp Training) Leave
NSmen who are called up for In-camp Training (ICT) during their reservist periods will not be granted deferment on the grounds of academic commitments. Organisations should allow students to go for their in-camp training.

Organisations may wish to discuss with the intern and the School’s internship administrator to extend their internship period to make-up for the ICT days.

Medical Leave
The student is entitled to paid sick leave (prorated), including medical leave issued by a dentist, if:

  • The student has served the employer for at least 3 months.
  • The student has informed or tried to inform the employer within 48 hours of his/her absence.
  • The student’s sick leave is certified by the company’s doctor or a government doctor (including doctors and dentists from approved public medical institutions).
  • Please refer to table below for more details:
Termination of Internship

Employers and students should complete the entire internship period or the mutually agreed-upon period. 

In case of early internship termination by either party, notice must be given to NUS School of Computing before a termination notice is issued. With the termination, the student would receive an unsatisfactory grade for the internship unless special considerations are applied.

NUS School of Computing reserves the right to initiate early termination of an internship at its discretion.