About Master of Computing - General Track

In view of digital transformation that cuts across different industries and to meet the infocomm workforce demand in Singapore, NUS School of Computing offers the Master of Computing (MComp General Track) programme. This programme for top non-computing graduates aims to develop a pool of infocomm professionals with first degrees in diverse disciplines. The MComp General Track students are from diverse backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, law, accountancy, and some with working experience. 

Details of the MComp General Track programme can be found here. Students admitted to this programme are required to embark on a compulsory full-time 4-month computing capstone internship typically during or after their 3rd semester of study.


Computing Capstone Internship: 4 months (Mid-May to Mid-Sep 23)

This graded and credit-bearing module provides an opportunity for students to work with computing professionals to identify and solve problems beyond the formal classroom setting. Through a combination of experiential, self-directed and team learning, it aims to develop personal capabilities, professional competencies and translates academic knowledge in an industry setting.

Companies interested to participate in the MComp General Track capstone internship may submit their internship positions/projects via the online NUS TalentConnect portal. Internship projects submitted by companies are required to be IT/computing-related problems/topics.


Internship Timeline


 Submission of Internship Positions

Companies who do not have a registered account with the NUS TalentConnect portal may proceed to register their company via the portal.

Specific details on the available internship programme can be found in the portal after successful registration and login-in. You may contact us or the NUS TalentConnect portal if you have any queries.

To assist you along, you may refer to the “NUS TalentConnect Employer Guide” after successful log-in for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to access and post opportunities on the NUS TalentConnect portal. When creating/completing the online internship form, companies are reminded to indicate the following:

  • Position Type: Select “Internships - School of Computing”
  • Restrict Applications / Activate Screening: Select “Yes”. This allows only eligible students to apply.
  • Experiential Learning Placement Type (*Local internship only)
    Select the following: “SoC Computing – Capstone Project (Master of Computing) [CP5106]
  • Work Term: “2023 Summer Vacation (May to August 2023)”
  • Internship Start Date and Internship End Date: “15 May 2023 to 15 September 2023”.

Special remarks:

    • This project is open to: All students (We would suggest putting “All students” as our cohort is small and competitive and this would increase application rates)


The role of Company Advisor

An appointed advisor of the host company will be required to provide the following support:

  • Provide supervision and guidance to the student(s) throughout their internship.
  • Assists students in identifying and clarifying internship goals and objectives. Discuss with the students the details of their internship programme’s expected outcomes.
  • Provide ethical guidance and support as the student practices professional skills and develops a professional role.
  • Respond to concerns and questions of student.
  • Review and assess interim reports and a final report submitted by student.
  • Evaluate student’s work and presentation.
  • Provide feedback to NUS School of Computing to help with assessment of student.


Student Eligibility

Students will be eligible for internships once they have met the pre-requisites for the respective structured internship programme from their second semester onwards after completing at least 24 Modular Credits of coursework.


Monthly Allowance

The recommended minimum monthly allowance for computing internships is S$1,200.

Average for 2022 intake = S1,600


Time-off for Classes

The internship will be held over the students’ vacation period during Special Term 1 and 2 (May to end July), and overlaps with the following new Academic Year’s Semester 1 (14 August 2023 onwards) whereby some students may continue to take some modules. Employers are requested to allow these students to attend classes from 14 August 2023.


Companies who have participated

Some of the companies who have participated in this Computing Capstone internship include Singapore Airlines, Huawei International, TikTok, Oracle Corporation Singapore, Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, Schlumberger, Envision Digital, Endofonics, Agoda.