Since its creation in 1983, the Internet has grown exponentially – becoming an essential part of our daily lives and connecting billions of people and devices across the world.​

We tackle the challenges facing such large-scale interconnections of computing devices, exploring how these computing devices can work together, often in a distributed manner, to perform computations and disseminate information from one device to another.



Study methods and models that power large-scale computer systems and networks.


Explore various real-world applications of computer systems and networking.


Approximate Computing​

Computer Networks​

Design Automation​

Distributed Computing​

DNA-Based Storage Systems​

Embedded Systems

Hardware Accelerators (AI, etc.)

Hardware acceleration with GPU/FPGA​

High Performance Computing​

Internet of Things​

Mobile Computing & Sensing​

Modelling & Simulation, Traffic Simulation, Crisis Simulation, Digital Twinning​

Neuromorphic Computing

Operating Systems​

Parallel Architectures​

Parallel Computing​

Performance Evaluation​

Programmable Networks​

Systems Modeling & Simulation​

Wireless Networks


Research Programme in Assuring Hardware Security by Design in Systems on Chip (SOCure)

PEH Li Shiuan

On-Body Computing for Next-Generation Wearable Systems

PEH Li Shiuan

NUS-NCS Joint Laboratory

CHAN Mun Choon

NCS Pte. Ltd. (NCS) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have established a joint research lab that is hosted in NUS to conduct research, develop capabilities and innovative digital solutions to protect individuals, businesses and public agencies in Singapore from a wide range of cyber threats. The joint lab is governed by a Management Committee comprising members from NUS and NCS.

Continuous Monitoring of Face-to-Hand Interactions via On-Ear Wearables

CHAN Mun Choon

  • Internet of Things, Mobile Computing & Sensing

Record & Replay: Framework for Network-wide Monitoring and Debugging

CHAN Mun Choon

  • Computer Networks, Programmable Networks

In-Network Acceleration for Latency Sensitive Applications for Future Communication Systems

CHAN Mun Choon

  • Computer Networks, Wireless Networks

Leveraging Data-Plane Programmability for Scalable & Resilient Network Services

CHAN Mun Choon



Verified Systems Engineering


We do research in the design and implementation of programming languages (PL), mathematical models of computation, and computer-assisted formal reasoning. We investigate the theoretical foundations of programming and build tools for ensuring that certain kinds of costly software errors and vulnerabilities never occur in the real-world code, which many people rely upon in their everyday lives.

  • Distributed Computing, Systems Modeling & Simulation

STeAdS Virtual Group


Software Engineering and Technological Advancements for Society. A virtual group that uses Software engineering practices and Technological advancements (Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (EdgeAI, ML)) for the benefit of various aspects of society (healthcare, education, art & culture). Looking for students to collaborate on different projects. Look at for details.

  • Distributed Computing, Internet of Things, Wireless Networks