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  • Welcome to CS1101X! (Posted: 16 July 2008)
    The CS1101 Programming Methodology module is split into groups CS1101X, CS1101Y and CS1101Z, which are further split into even smaller groups run independently by different lecturers. All groups follow the same CS1101 syllabus, have the same assessments and examination paper, but the lecturers run the course on their own. CS1101X, CS1101Y, and CS1101Z students are graded together as a whole.

    All CS1101X students are urged to check out this website and the IVLE regularly.

  • Frequently accessed websites

  • JavaBat (Posted: 3 September)
    There is this website JavaBat that contains Java practice problems. You may try it.

  • Survey Results (Posted: 12 October)
    The survey results are now available from the course here: CS1101X Survey Report
    You may post your comments about the survey results on the IVLE discussion forum.

  • Lab marks (Posted: 18 November)
    Please go to CA Marks page to check your lab marks.

  • PE marks (Posted: 20 November)
    Please go to CA Marks page to check your PE marks. Please also check the IVLE gradebook.

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