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Module Code Module Title Special Term (Part I),
14 May - 23 Jun 2018
Special Term (Part II),
25 Jun - 4 Aug 2018


Programming Methodology
Modular Credits = 4


TUNG Kum Hoe, Anthony
Grp 1: Mon 1000-1200 COM1-0204
            Wed 1000-1200 COM1-0204
Exam: 03 AUG 2018 Morning


Programming Methodology II
Modular Credits = 4


CHIA Wai Kit, Henry
Grp 1: Mon 1400-1600 COM1-0204
            Wed 1400-1600 COM1-0204
Exam: 03 AUG 2018 Morning


Data Structures and Algorithms
Modular Credits = 4


HALIM, Steven
Grp 1: Tue 900-1200 COM1-0204
            Thu 900-1200 COM1-0204
Exam: 03 AUG 2018 Afternoon

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