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Room: S15-04-01 (CQT), COM2-02-02 (CS Dept)

Address: S15-04-01, 3 Science Drive 2, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117543

Phone: +65 6516 8826 (CQT), +65 6516 4705 (CS Dept.)

Email: rahul AT comp dot nus dot edu dot sg


Interests: Information Theory, Quantum Computation, Communication Complexity, Complexity Theory, Cryptography.

Recipient of the Young Researcher Award, National University of Singapore, 2012.

Ph.D. Thesis: Information theoretic problems in computational complexity theory

Recipient of the IBM Distinguished Dissertation Award, 2005.

Recipient of the TAA-Sasken Best Thesis Award, 2005-2006.

Publications, Curriculum Vitae.

Professional: Program Committee: ICALP 2016, STACS 2016, TAMC 2015 (co-Chair), ISAAC 2014, QIP 2014, TAMC 2013, FSTTCS 2012, TQC 2010.

Students: (PhD): Anurag Anshu, Vamsi Krishna Devabathini, Attila Pereszlényi, Priyanka Mukhopadhyay, Penghui Yao (graduated Nov. 2013).


1.     CS6234, “Advanced Algorithms”

Jan-Apr, 2016, Course website; Jan-Apr, 2014, Course website;

Jan-Apr, 2013, Course website ; Jan-Apr, 2012, Course website.

2.     CS3230, “Design and Analysis of Algorithms”

Aug-Dec, 2014 (jointly with Prof. Hon-Wai Leong), details in IVLE ;

Aug-Dec, 2012 (jointly with Prof. Bakhadyr Khoussainov ), Course website ;  Aug-Dec, 2011, Course website.

3.     CS3230-R, “Design and Analysis of Algorithms-R”, 2011-2012, Course website.

4.     CS6209, “Topics in Cryptography”, Jan-Apr, 2011. Course website.

5.     CS3231,”Theory of Computation”

Aug-Dec, 2010, Course website ;  Jan-April, 2010 (jointly with Prof. Sanjay Jain), Course website.

6.     QT5198, Seminar Module on “Quantum Information” offered in CQT, Jan-April 2009. Details in IVLE.

7.     CS6285, “Foundations of Cryptography”, Jan-April, 2009. Course website.

8.     MATH-136, “Linear Algebra”, course offered in University of Waterloo, winter term, 2007. Lecture notes.