Anthony K. H. TUNG's%20Homepage_files/dengjinhao.GIF's%20Homepage_files/confline2.gif be constantly learning and practicing what you learn, isn't it the greatest joy of all ?

To have bosom friends who share your learning from all over the world, doesn't it bring the greatest happiness ?

To be unknown to people and yet remain undisturbed, isn't that an act of the most virtuous man ?

--- The Analects , Chapter 1:1


"I have a lot of respect for people, not because of their talent but for what they do with their talent and how they

get the maximum from their talent. What do you do to get talent? You have the right genes, or the right parents.

But what you do with that talent is down to you.  I have met many people who had lots of talent, but they never did anything."

--- Arsene Wenger on "talent", Sep 2007


Anthony's other 5 cents in life

For the researcher that is in every one of us: 1,2,3  




Anthony K. H. Tung is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore (NUS) and a junior faculty member in the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering and a SINGA supervisor. He received both his B.Sc.(2nd Class Honour) and M.Sc. in computer sciences from the National University of Singapore in 1997 and 1998 respectively. In 2001, he receive the Ph.D. in computer sciences from Simon Fraser University (SFU). 


New: Slides of my talk on Big Data Analytics: Foundation and Application are available here


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*  Please read this to understand more about my style before talking to me: The Heartwares of Research,  Halfway Through

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·         VLDB Summer School. Organized by Northeastern U. of China, Shenyang. Sponsored by VLDB Endownment.


*   CS6220: Advanced Topics in Data Mining

*   CS4220: Data Mining in Bioinformatics

*   Data Mining: Foundation, Techniques and Applications Detailed Syllabus  News

  Lectures in Frontier of Data Engineering and Knowledge Engineering,

 Organized by China 's Key Lab. of Data and Knowledge Engineering,

 Renmin University of China

*  Talks

*  Halfway Through  Given at East China Normal University, July, 2008

*  System Building: How does it help or hinder research  WAIM 2008 Panel

*  What can the Internet Do for the Underserved  Given at WAIM/APWeb 2007 Panel

*  What I Think Will Bring a Successful Career in Asia Given at ACM SIGMOD'2007 New Researcher Symposium 

*  Sample Enumeration Methods For Mining Microarray Datasets (html)

Given at Renmin University, Fudan Univeristy, Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology,

IIT Bombay, Simon Fraser University and IBM Toronto


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*  Co-PC Chair : COMAD'06

*  Vice PC Chair(Pre-processing): SIAM'07

*  Vice PC Chair: ICDE'09, Shanghai, China, 2009

*  Poster Chair: WWW 2010

*  Workshop Chair: VLDB 2010

*  Vice PC Chair: ICDE 2012

*  Research PC Co-chair: VLDB 2012

*  PC Member for Conferences

*  ICDE’10, SIGMOD’10

*  COMAD'09, KDD’09, ICDE’09

*  ICDE'08, SIGMOD'08, VLDB'08, KDD'08,

*  ICDE'07, SIGMOD'07, SSDBM'07, KDD'07

*  ICDE'06, ICDE'06(Demo), EDBT'06(Demo), VLDB'06, SIGKDD'06 , CIKM'06

*  DMGrid'05, COMAD'05b(Demo), VLDB'05(Demo), SIGMOD'05(Demo)

*  ICDE'05, SMDB'05, DASFAA'05, COMAD'05, PAKDD'02

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*  Go Green: Recycle and Reuse Frequent Patterns. DBSW'2004

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*  Core Database Research:  Is it relevant anymore?. COMAD'2005

*  Data Mining Techniques for Microarray Datasets. ICDE'2005

*  Data Mining Techniques for Microarray Datasets. DASFAA'2005

*   Impact of Double Blind Reviewing on SIGMOD Publication: A More Detailed Analysis

*  A finding which is contrary to the one published in SIGMOD Record

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