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(FATS) mumble : Framework for Seamless Message Transfer on Smartphones


This work explores the possibility of transferring data between mobile devices that are nearby each other, without the need of user authentication and Internet connectivity. Such technology can be used for emergency broadcast, traffic congestion avoidance, social and dating systems and games. Except for Bluetooth Low Energy, there are no protocols or technology available that allow for authentication-free data transfer without Internet connectivity. Bluetooth Low Energy is capable of doing so but at a relatively short range.
Using Wi-Fi Direct's Service Broadcast and Discovery, a simple yet novel method is developed which allows for authentication-free data transfer without Internet connectivity. In contrast to other methods, this new approach allows peer-to-peer data exchange between devices within Wi-Fi range without requiring superuser permissions. A power efficient framework was built around this method that allows all apps installed on the device to carry out authentication-free data transfer with other devices.

The project is open sourced (Github Link): Source Code Repository


Demo at Youtube http://youtu.be/ACmNYLd2NlI