Ph.D. Students Supervised

Name (Year of thesis submission)

Last Known Coordinate

Thesis Title

Pravein G. Kannan (2020) Research Scientist
IBM Research, India
Improving Network Diagnostics using Programmable Networks
Paramasiven Appavoo (2019) Lecturer
University of Mauritius
Sensor Enhanced Localization for Internet of Things
Hong Hande (2018) Huawei, China Detecting and Understanding Human Movement With Mobile Devices Through WiFi-based Indoor Localization Technology
Mohammad Mobashir (2017) Co-Founder & CTO
Dependable Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
Girisha Durrel De Silva (2017) Software Engineer
Apple, Singapore
Improving Performance of Wireless Mobile Devices
Kartik Sankaran (2015)
(co-supervise with A.L. Ananda)
Software Engineer
Facebook, Singapore
Smartphone-based Decentralized Public-transport Applications
Wang Hui (2015)
(co-supervise with Ooi Wei Tsang)
Software Engineer
Google (Mountain View, USA)
Adaptive Wireless Network for Video Streaming
Luo Chengwen (2015) Assistant Professor
Shenzhen University, China
Self-Calibrating Participatory Wireless Indoor Localization
Guo Xiangfa (2014) Software Engineer
Apple, Singapore
Resource Efficient Urban Delay/disruptive Tolerant Networks
Padmanabha Venkatagiri. S (2014) Researcher
IBM Research, India
Resource Aware Selection of User Generated Content in Constrained Mobile Networks
Manjunath Doddavenkatappa (2013)
(co-supervise with A.L. Ananda)
Efficient Data Dissemination and Collection Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Choo Fai Cheong (2012) Manager of Security Operations
Ultimate Software, Singapore
Application Aware Delay Tolerant Network Protocol
Tan Hwee Xian (2011) Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Practice)
Singapore Management University
Communication Protocols for Energy Constrained Networks
Shao Tao (2011)
(co-supervise with A.L. Ananda)
Lead Data Engineer
Geographic Routing for Point-to-Point Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lu Liming (2010)
(co-supervise with Chang E.C.)
Assistant Professor
Singapore Institute of Technology
Traffic Monitoring and Analysis for Source Identification
Wu Xiuchao (2009)
(co-supervise with A.L. Ananda)
Software Development Engineer
Amazon, Ireland
Improving TCP Performance in the Mobile, High Speed, Heterogeneous and Evolving Internet
Zhang Mingze (2009)
(co-supervise with A.L. Ananda)
Freelancer Coverage and Connectivity Management in Wireless Sensor Network
Chen Binbin (2009) Associate Professor
Cooperative Internet Access using Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Sridhar K.N. Rao (2007) Solutions Architect
NEC, India
Resource Management Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Research Assistants

Name Project Last Known Coordinate
Hao Shuai (Aug 2006-Jul 2008) Management and Control of Sensor Networks AT&T Labs - Research
Eugene Chai (Jun 2006 - Jul 2007) Management and Control of Sensor Networks NEC Labs, USA