course projects
Assignment 1


Students are to build a Facebook application and implement it for their first assignment.*

*For the LaTeX source, please contact Dr. Ben Leong


  • The Whisper
    Group 1: Zhan Yingbo, Meng Xiangyun, Li Shaohuan, Ding Mingzhe

    This project is intended to design a social application inside Facebook, so as to enable friends to propose topics or gossips or whispers of one or more friends for discussion. When gossiping or discussing about each other, friends will know more about each other and have a more close and bonded relationships.

  • PhotoC
    Group 2: Chen Weiguang, Frank Liauw Jian Mei, Joshua Ng, Ngik Kok Wai Vincent, Wong Yong Shen

    Want to find out the latest photo trends and happenings around your friends? PhotoC (PhotoCloud) connects you easily to your 'photoscape' formed by your friends and their extended communities, letting you visualize what is most IN and LIKEd in a glance.

  • Status Time Capsule
    Group 3: Leontius Adhika Pradhana, Ryan Duc Duong Dao Duy, Vaarnan Drolia, Joey Cody

    See a nice graph of your status updates over time! You can "go back in time" and view your past updates as well as the most liked/commented ones. Bring back those glorious days as you walk back throughout time in Facebook!

  • The Claw
    Group 4: Hu Qiang, Lim Cze Vin Kenneth, Peng Jun, Saikrishnan Ranganathan

    This is a simple abstraction of the “Claw machine” game you commonly see in most arcades today. While most claw machines offer cute plush toys as rewards, our game aims to reward users with equally cute looking beans. There exists a marketplace where you will be able to sell your beans for extra tokens, or to purchase beans for their collection. Can you collect them all? The Claw will move horizontally from left to right and you would have to press and hold Spacebar at the desired time to halt the movement of The Claw. The Claw will then release and head down towards the Beans in an attempt to pick them up to drop it into the release area. Your beans are added automatically to your collection from where you can interact with the marketplace. So press Spacebar and grab your beans!

  • Station Master
    Group 5: Chong Yao Long, Zulhilmi Icksan, Huang Guan Yang Eugene, Aravindh Ravisankar

    Build your own train platform and play the role of a station master. Buy items to help improve the comfort and satisfaction levels of commuters and employ workers to help manage the platforms.

  • Been That! Done That!
    Group 6: Kenny Tan How Cheng, Tey Jun Hong, Li Lianjie Anthony

    Have you ever look at your friend's photos and wonder how to get there? Have you ever wanted to declare that you have been to a place and done that amazing thing to your friend? Have you ever felt that Facebook does not offer enough functionality to properly categorize where all your past amazing experiences are? With so many friends going to so many places, do you find it hard to find out where all your friends went to? 'Been There Done That'(BTDT) attempts to answer all these questions by providing the individual with an interface to put all your wonderful experiences into one map in the form of 'BTDT' tags. Synthesizing google maps api and facebook api, we attempt to let at you look at the exact location of your friend's experience. At the same time, you can document your experience by creating these 'BTDT' tags. In the process, you declare to your friends that you have been there and done that amazing thing. Not just stopping at that, BTDT attempts to help you categorize the things you have done there with a meaningful symbol on the map. Unlike websites like panoramio (, our application offers exclusivity to your own friends and it helps you to look at where your friends have went to and what have they done in one whole map just simply by browsing through these BTDT tags on the map. With this application, we hope that the user can leave behind those days of browsing through their friends' latest albums one by one to search for that one location they have went to.

  • cockfight!
    Group 7: Deepan Balasubramaniam, Darren Foong Chuern Yue, Jiang Hao Yuan, David Tan

    A game of Epic Proportions. Raise your bird and nurture him into a proud, full-fledged fighting-fit fowl. Battle with friends and take on the world in order to become the most powerful avian warrior in the land.

  • Penny Swap
    Group 8: Ajay Gopalakrishnan, Dam Tuan Long, Nguyen Hoang Duy, Tsai Zhen Ling

    Penny Swap is a social-commerce marketplace for friends to exchange paid micro-services. Friends share things that they would do for other friends at a price. The main aspect of the application is to provide Facebook users with quick access and exposure, via their Facebook accounts, to a wide range of paid micro-services that their friends might need or might be offering.

  • ShopForMe
    Group 9: Alan Yeo Jie Wei, Goh Chun Teck, Lim Xian You, Yin Yue

    Our application idea is “crowd-sourcing international shopping” through our app, users can purchase overseas products not available locally through their travelling friends.

  • FrenFactory
    Group 10: Sum Qing Wei, Low Ying Hui, Le Minh Tu, Peng Ziwei

    This is -THE- Facebook game. In this game, you are able to harness the energy from your friends' Facebook activities to run your factory! Whenever your friends carry out a Facebook action such as updating their status or uploading a photo, they are actually providing energy for your factory! Employ the friends whom you think can most efficiently run your factory. Observe their activities and change their roles accordingly to get the most energy out of them. Their effort will be converted into credits. Manage them correctly to earn more credits and expand your factory! Expand your factory to add even more friends into your factory. Think you know your friends? Play this game to find out!

  • KiloMeterStones
    Group 11: Sesha Sendhil Subramanian, Aldrian Obaja Muis, Aaron Guan Yilun, Tran Cong Hoang

    An online project management system, that will help project managers to assign tasks and post comments on important things of the project such that the members can communicate easier.

Assignment 2


Students are to build a mobile application and implement it for their second assignment.*

*For the LaTeX source, please contact Dr. Ben Leong

  • UOME
    Group 1: Sesha Sendhil Subramanian,Aravindh Ravisankar, Le Minh Tu,Saikrishnan Ranganathan

    How many times have you gone out with your friends, paid for the entire expense and wish you had an app to make a note of the money they owe you or how much you owe them? UOMe does exactly that! This mobile app lets your create an expense and tag multilple friends along with it so they can be notified of the amount they owe you. Your friends can then use UOMe to make note of payments to you for the amount they owe you. Along with this cool feature, UOMe can also be used as a simple budget app too.

  • MQueue
    Group 2: Aldrian Obaja Muis, Ding Mingzhe, Ajay Gopalakrishnan, David Tan

    mQueue redefines how customers wait to be seated at restaurants or nightlife venues. Conventionally, customers queue in lines or provide their names and wait around till they are called out. This is especially dominant in places that do not accept reservations. Some restaurants have innovated, providing ‘beepers’ to customers. These ‘beepers’ buzz when it is their turn to be seated. However, customers have no indication of where in the queue they stand or how far out of range they can go. mQueue translates the physical queues into digital ones, making them conveniently accessible, wirelessly and remotely, across mobile platforms.

  • BudgetEX
    Group 3: Chen Weiguang, Goh Chun Teck, Huang Guan Yang Eugene, Meng Xiangyun

    Powered by a cloud‐based backend, along with HTML5, not only can users record expenditures and view their budget statuses on the go, they can also can also pinpoint the location of their purchases through the HTML5 geolocation API. With the help of the HTML5 canvas, they would also be able to view a report of their expenditures through charts and graphs.

  • Kontitude
    Group 4: Frank Liau Jian Mei, Alan Yeo Jie Wei, Low Ying Hui, Vaarnan Drolia

    Kontitude is a one-stop solution to help event organizers disseminate information to the intended audience through mobile devices.

  • I'm Board
    Group 5: Leontius Adhika Pradhana, Li Shaohuan, Sum Qing Wei, Kenny Tan

    Our application simulates bulletin boards found in many places where users can place anything they want on the walls. For our app, users within range of a ‘wall’, in which the locations are predetermined by us, will be given access to a HTML5 canvas which they can doodle anything they want on it, using a set of provided tools, and publish them on the wall as a ‘post’. Users can also look at posts published by other users, and they can comment on them.

  • Me, too!
    Group 6: Jiang Hao Yuan, Zhan Yingbo, Nguyen Hoang Duy, Aaron Guan Yilun

    People often make mistakes, sometimes people make the same mistake over and over again, simply because it’s hard to remember what mistakes that they have made and how many times they have made the same mistake. Our application seeks to solve this problem by keeping track of what mistakes and how many times the mistakes are made. Also, sometimes the mistakes that people made are so silly that they want to share with others, thus, while keeping track of all their mistakes, our application also provides a platform for people to share their mistakes with their friends through Facebook.

  • Big Burg Fast Fries
    Group 7: Tsai Zhen Ling, Joey Cody, Zulhilmi Icksan, Darren Foong Chuern Yue

    BBFF: Big Burg, Fast Fries – an easy, painless way to order food, coupled with a geolocation function so they know exactly where to deliver your food to. You can even check out what current promotions and adverts they have. It’s as simple as BBFF: Big Burg Fast Fries.

  • Singapore River
    Group 8: Yin Yue, Tran Cong Hoang, Lim Cze Vin Kenneth, Joshua Ng

    Despite living in today’s information age, priceless historical data is still very much inaccessible by the general public. Kept away in their respective vaults, these “hidden” archival data never really made it into the hands of users. Our application aims to bridge the gap between users and the “hidden” archival data tucked away in the National Archives of Singapore. The old-school pen and paper style of history education is both boring and uncool. As such, our application hopes to garner the visual prowess of html5 to bring forth history in a way befitting of today’s technological standards.

  • Meet2Eat
    Group 9: Lim Xian You, Ngik Kok Wai Vincent, Tey Jun Hong, Wong Yong Shen

    Everyone enjoys meeting up with friends and family over a nice meal to catch up. Yet, it is often difficult to plan a good location that is geographical favorable for all parties especially when everyone has to come from and/or return to their workplaces at various locations. With this in mind, Meet2Eat was designed to advise users (on an event level) on the most central location for all involved parties to come together. This coupled with suggestions of the best places and available promotions in the region allows our users to make an informed decision to get a bang on their buck and time.

  • Carpool@NUS
    Group 10: Ryan Duc Duong Dao Duy, Dam Tuan Long, Peng Jun, Deepan Balasubramaniam

    Carpool@NUS is a Facebook group that was conceived last year to allow people to share rides to school. The group currently has over 2400 members. Our mobile HTML5 application was conceived to implement new relevant features for the users of this group. These new features include integration with Google Maps, Notifications and a schedule.

  • BooksVenue
    Group 11: Hu Qiang, Peng Ziwei, Chong Yao Long, Sun Xiangxin

    NUS students need to buy books every semester. Currently, the only way to buy books is using NUS Used Textbook forum. However, there are many problems and restrictions with the forum. Books Venue aims to solve all this problems.We made use of the social media elements such as Facebook like buttons for users to share and promote the application with their friends.

final project


Students can choose to do any web-related project for their Final Project in teams of up to 4 students


  • Rob The Robot
    Group 1: Nguyen Hoang Duy, Dam Tuan Long, Tran Cong Hoang, Yin Yue

    Rob the Robot iPad application is an interactive children's app based on a cartoon series that is going to be aired on Disney Channel Singapore. It is mainly a storytelling app that showcases the each episode of the cartoon in a combination of story narration, simple interactive games and video clip formats. The app will have periodic updates of new episode that correspond with the episodes on the Disney Channel. Targeting at children aged 4 - 8 years old, it is made with the aim of educating them about fun and adventure.

  • Singapore River
    Group 2: Alan Yeo Jie Wei, David Tan, Lim Cze Vin Kenneth, Tsai Zhen Ling, Joshua Ng

    In collaboration with the National Library board of Singapore, our project aims to make a difference by bringing interactivity and engagement to visitors of various heritage trails in Singapore. Starting with the most popular Singapore River Trail, we hope to bring heritage enthusiasts, students and tourists a brand new experience through a smart mobile tour. The iPhone optimized app feeds users with basic information of different landmarks, interacts with users through Augmented Reality features and encompasses geo-location capabilities.

  • YunReading
    Group 3: Aldrian Obaja, Hu Qiang,Li Shaohuan, Zhan Yingbo

    An revolutionary HTML5 cloud ebook reader. Read any time,anywhere, with any friends. Let's read in the cloud!

    Group 4: Deepan Balasubramaniam, Joey Cody, Peng Jun, Ryan Duc Duong Dao Duy is the the simplest way to book a cab. Get a cab within two taps on your phone. Find out how how much your cab ride is going to cost you. Don't want to book a cab? will direct you to the nearest taxi stand.

  • BetterMe
    Group 5: Wong Yong Shen, Kenny Tan, Lim Xian You, Tey Jun Hong

    "Social Media for Social Change"
    Better Me is a new media approach to inculcating values in our next generation. It is a social website for students to understand themselves better, interact and learn about moral values. The team is hoping to collaborate with MOE in accordance to its new direction towards a more student-centric and values driven educational system.

  • MoneySlate
    Group 6: Saikrishnan Ranganathan, Sesha Sendhil Subramanian, Aravindh Ravisankar, Aaron Guan Yilun

    MoneySlate is a Html5 web application which helps track your Social Finance. Our app has an intuitive mobile interface for tagging your friends to an expense so that you can keep track of who owes you how much and this helps do away with you getting caught in an embarrassing situation where neither of you remember how much is owed. Our app also functions as a budget tracker and is a one stop shot to manage all your expenses and your social finance as a whole.

  • Mystery Story
    Group 7: Vaarnan Drolia, Jiang Hao Yuan, Darren Foong Chuern Yue, Leontius Adhika Pradhana

    Mystery Story is a new adventure/puzzle game from Team7 Productions. Follow ace investigator and private detective Ace Jerome around as he solves crimes and brings the perpetrator to justice. Interrogate witnesses, find clues and crack the case! Only one thing is sure – everybody lies.

        Fully-scripted interactions and conversations: Crack the case by carefully interrogating all the witnesses and suspects involved.
        The logbook: Ace keeps track of every morsel of information he extracts from his witnesses.
        Return to the story any time: Take a break from gameplay and come back any time to the exact spot in the conversation.
        Learn real life-saving knowledge integrated into the game. Play right in your browser, desktop or mobile. No installation required.

  • TouchAppetit
    Group 8: Ajay Gopalakrishnan, Chen Weiguang, Frank Liau Jian Mei, Ngik Kok Wai Vincent

    Touch Appetit is a platform technology that redefines how restaurants and their clientele interact on the web and across mobile. It is an integrated platform that continuously harnesses the newest trends and breakthroughs in technology to provide restaurants with comprehensive feature sets in their applications. Touch Appetit adds convenience and value to customers’ dining experience, while lowering operational costs and increasing productivity for restaurants.

  • Lions Befriender Service Association (LBSA)
    Group 9: Sun Xiangxin, Peng Ziwei, Meng Xiangyun, Ding Mingzhe

    An HTML5-based mobile application to facilitate weekly befriending checkcall for 1000+ befrienders at Lion Befrienders Service Association (Singapore).

  • The Trove
    Group 10: Goh Chun Teck, Le Minh Tu, Low Ying Hui, Sum Qing Wei

    The Trove is a website for NUS students to give or sell their used or unwanted items with one another.

  • Letters To Amanda
    Group 11: Chong Yao Long,Huang Guan Yang Eugene, Zulhilmi Icksan

    Pen down your feelings and thoughts and write to those in need of comfort and love. Everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves to be loved.