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AY2021/22 Semester 1

Week Date Lecture Topics Probem Solving Topics Assignment Project Milestone
0 2 Aug     Exercise 1  
1 9 Aug Orientation
Linear Fitting
  Exercise 2  
2 16 Aug Matrix Differentiation
Nonlinear Fitting
Problem Formulation 1a    
3 23 Aug Principal Component Analysis Problem Formulation 1b Assignment 1 M0: Form
project team
4 30 Aug Spatial Transformations Problem Formulation 2 Online Quiz 1
5 6 Sep Non-rigid Transformations Problem Formulation 3
Assignment 1 feedback
  M1a: Project
topic proposal
6 13 Sep Optimization 1: Gradient Descent
Algorithm Design 1 Assignment 2  
  20 Sep Recess Week: Online learning     M1b: Project
7 27 Sep Optimization 2: Optimization Without Gradient
Assignment 2 feedback Assignment 3  
8 4 Oct Registration
Nonlinear PCA

Algorithm Design 2 Online Quiz 2 Project
9 11 Oct Time Series Analysis Algorithm Design 3   M2: Project
progress report
10 18 Oct Optimization 3: Constrained Optimization Algorithm Design 4 Assignment 4  
11 25 Oct Optimization 4: Stochastic Optimization   Assignment 5 Project
12 1 Nov Robust Methods      
13 8 Nov Big Picture   Assignment 6 M3: Final project
14 15 Nov Reading Week      

Each week starts on Monday morning and ends on Sunday midnight.
Lectures are conducted from 6:30pm to 9:30pm on Tuesday.
    First two hours are main lectures that cover standard problems and algorithms.
    Third hour covers problem solving, which will be practised in group project.
There is no tutorial, lab session and final assessment.
Homeworks and exercises are not marked.
Assignments and online quizzes are typically due on Sunday midnight, unless announced otherwise.
Project milestones are typically due on Sunday midnight, unless announced otherwise.
Please refer to LumiNUS CS5240 for more details.

26 May 2021