Assignment: Priority-Based Packet Scheduling

Due: 11:59pm, 2 October 2005

We have seen in Lecture 4 how a sender decides how fast it should send the packets and how it can adapt the data to meet the desired sending rate. We have not, however, investigated how the sender decides "when to send what". The goal of this assignment is for you to study three papers related to this topic on your own, and write a 4-page report that (a) summarizes their techniques, (b) compares and contrasts the assumptions, goals, issues considered, strengths and weaknesses of each techniques.

You may, for 20% extra credits, propose new ideas that addresses the existing weaknesses, or combines the strengths of existing techniques. (This can be submitted as appendix and does not count towards to 4-page limits).


Cyclic-UDP: A Priority-Driven Best-Effort Protocol B. C. Smith Cornell University, Technical Report, May 1994.
A Priority-Based Technique for the Best-Effort Delivery of Stored Video W. Feng, M. Liu, B. Krishnaswami, A. Prabhudev Multimedia Computing and Networking, January 1999.
Priority-Progress Streaming for Quality-Adaptive Multimedia C. Krasic, J. Walpole. ACM Multimedia 2001 (Doctoral Symposium)

Report Format

The report should follow the ACM proceeding style guidelines. Please use the given LaTeX (recommended) or Word template so that to ensure that there are little variations in margin and font size.


Submission can be done by email to