Project: Packetizing MP3 Audio

Due: Project presentations will be on 31 October 2007. The project report is due 13 November 2007.

You can either select your own project, or you can do the one that is suggested here.

Proposed Project (If You Don't Select Your Own)

In this project, your task is to write a packetization routine that takes in an MP3 or Speex audio file and produces RTP packets from the file, following the standard and recommendations in RFC3119.

Your implementation will be added to the Yima Personel Edition streaming media server code. You will be given the source code of Yima PE. You then have to implement your packetization routines within this framework.

To submit your project, create a tarball of all yours sources, (please exclude sample audios, object files etc.), put it into IVLE workbin. Your source code should be properly commented with explanations to help me understand your code. You must include a README.txt file that explains how your code works.

How to Compile/Run under Linux

Instructions on how to install, compile and run Yima PE can be found in a PDF file here. More information will be given during the lecture on 4 September and can be found in the slides here.


All the students talking this module have an account on The machine is running CentOS 5. The necessary X11 libraries are already installed on this machine.

Make sure that you include the following statement in your .bash_profile file in your home directory (modify it if necessary):


Additional information: