Lecture Schedules and Reading List

Lecture 11: Peer-to-Peer Streaming

Reading List:

Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming V. N. Padmanabhan, H. J. Wang, P. A. Chou; ICNP 2003, Atlanta, GA. [CoopNet Home Page] Dagster: Contributor Aware Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming in Heterogeneous Environment W. T. Ooi; ACM/SPIE MMCN 2005.

Slides: P2P Streaming

Lecture 10: Application-Level Multicast

Reading List:

Scalable Application Layer Multicast S. Banerjee, B. Bhattacharjee, and C. Kommareddy; SIGCOMM 2002, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2002. A Case For End System Multicast Y. Chu, S. Rao, S. Sehan and H. Zhang; IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, pp. 1456--1471, October 2002.

Slides: Application-Level Multicast

Lecture 9: Video on Demand

Reading List:

Skyscraper Broadcasting: A New Broadcasting Scheme for Metropolitan Video-on-Demand Systems K. Hua and S. Sheu; Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, September 1997 (this paper contains an overview of pyramid broadcast and permutation-based pyramid broadcast). Patching: A Multicast Technique for True Video-on-Demand Services K. Hua, Y. Cai, and S. Sheu; in Proc. ACM Multimedia, September 1998.

Slides: Video on Demand

Lecture 8: Streaming Media Caching

Reading List:

Caching Techniques for Streaming Multimedia over the Internet M. Hofmann, E. Ng, K. Guo, S. Paul, and H. Zhang; Technical Report BL011345-990409-04TM, Bell Laboratories, April 1999.
Silo, Rainbow, and Caching Token: Schemes for Scalable, Fault Tolerant Stream Caching Y. Chae, K. Guo, M. Buddhikot, S. Suri and E. Zegura; Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, 2002.
Multimedia Proxy Caching Mechanism for Quality Adaptive Streaming Applications in the Internet R. Rejaie, H. Yu, M. Handley, and D. Estrin; INFOCOM, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 26--30, 2000.

Slides: Streaming Media Caching

Lecture 7: Error Recovery

Reading List:

A Survey of Packet-loss Recovery Techniques for Streaming Audio C. Perkins, O. Hodson, and V. Hardman; IEEE Network Magazine, Sept./Oct. 1998.
Packet Loss Effects on MPEG Video Sent Over the Public Internet J. M. Boyce and R. D. Gaglianello; ACM Multimedia, pp. 181--190, 1998. [ACM Digital Library]

Slides: Error Recovery

Lecture 6: Programming in Android & Playout Buffering

During the first hour an Introduction to Android Programming will be given by Dr. Beomjoo Seo. Any questions about the project can discussed in this lecture. There will also be an introduction to playout buffering.

Reading List:

A Multi-Threshold Online Smoothing Technique for Variable Rate Multimedia Streams R. Zimmermann, C. Shahabi, K. Fu, and M. Jahangiri; Multimedia Tools and Applications journal, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 23-49, 2006.
Adaptive playout mechanisms for packetized audio applications in wide-area networks R. Ramjee, J. Kurose, D. Towsley, and H. Schulzrinne; IEEE INFOCOM, Toronto, Canada, June 1994.
Packet Audio Playout Delay Adjustment: Performance Bounds and Algorithms S. B. Moon, J. Kurose, and D. Towsley; ACM/Springer Multimedia Systems, vol. 6, pp. 17-28, January 1998.

Slides: Programming in Android
Slides: Playout Buffering
Slides: Playout Buffering (with some solutions)

Lecture 5: Project Introduction and Streaming Media Servers

The project will be discussed in this lecture. If all goes well then the ASUS Transformers will be ready and available for use by the end of September. (Update: they have arrived, 27 September 2011.) There will also be an introduction to streaming media servers.

Additional Project Resources:

  • Project description (preliminary draft): here.
  • There is an effort to standardize Apple's HTTP Live Streaming and Microsoft's Smooth Streaming techniques. The standard will likely be called Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). A draft document about DASH is available here.
  • Apple's proposed RFC can be found here.

Reading List:

RMI System: Internet Meets the Future Home Theater Roger Zimmermann, Chris Kyriakakis, Cyrus Shahabi, Christos Papadopoulos, Alexander Sawchuk, and Ulrich Neumann; IEEE MultiMedia, vol. 11, no. 2, April 2004.

Slides: Project and Streaming Media Servers

Lecture 4: Rate Adaptation

Reading List:

Measurements of the Congestion Responsiveness of Windows Streaming Media J. Nichols, M. Claypool, R. Kinicki, M. Li; NOSSDAV 2004.

Slides: Rate Adaptation
Slides: Rate Adaptation (with some solutions)

Lecture 3: RTP Packetization

Reading List:

RTP Payload Format for MPEG1/MPEG2 Video D. Hoffman, G. Fernando, V. Goyal, M. Vicanlar; Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC2250.
A More Loss-Tolerant RTP Payload Format for MP3 Audio R. Finlayson; Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC3119.
RTP Payload Format for the Speex Codec G. Herlein, J. Valin, A. Heggestad, and A. Moizard; Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet-Draft.
Guidelines for Writers of RTP Payload Format Specifications M. Handley, and C. Perkins; Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC2736.

Additional Resources:

Slides: Packetization

Lecture 2: Network, Transport and Application Layer

Reading List:

Host extension to IP multicast S. Deering; Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC1112.
The PIM architecture for wide-area multicast routing S. Deering, D. L. Estrin, D. Farinacci, V. Jacobson, C.-G. Liu, and L. Wei; IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 4(2) , April 1996, pg 153--162.
RTP: A transport protocol for real-time applications H. Schulzrinne, S. Casner, R. Frederick, and V. Jacobson; Internet Engineering Task Force, Audio-Video Transport Working Group, RFC3550. (only need to skim this)

Additional Resources:

Slides: Network

Lecture 1: Introduction to MPEG Compression

Reading List:

The JPEG still picture compression standard, G. K. Wallace; Communication of the ACM, 34(4):30--44, April 1991.
MPEG: A video compression standard for multimedia applications, D. Le Gall; Communications of the ACM, 34(4):46--58, April 1991.

Slides: Introduction, Compression, Applet: DCT Demo,
Video: Surfing_short.m2t (MPEG-2 HD Transport Stream, 98 MB)