AI-driven and Data-driven Financial Management and Analytics

Interdisciplinary and Cutting-edge FinTech Projects

AI- and Data-driven Financial Management and Analytics is a collective of FinTech projects started from 2016 by leading research groups from National University of Singapore.

The objective is to design and implement various algorithms and systems for facilitating better finance applications in digital banking.

The featured projects include:

  • Secure, immutable, and verifiable storage
  • Federated learning and analytics with privacy protection
  • Investment and risk management
  • Fraud detection

Featured Projects


Spitz is a verifiable database system, which targets on businesses involving mutually distrustful or malicious parties. Spitz protects …


Falcon: A Secure and Interpretable Federated Learning Platform. Falcon is a federated learning platform, which designs for secure and …


Raptor is a research project for mining diverse alphas in stock markets. Alphas are stock prediction models capturing trading signals …

Ooi Beng Chin

Distinguished Professor, Computer Science, School of Computing

National University of Singapore

Lead Principal Investigator

Beng Chin is Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor and NGS faculty member at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is an adjunct Chang Jiang Professor at Zhejiang University, a visiting Distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University, and the director of NUS AI Innovation and Commercialization Centre at Suzhou, China. He obtained his BSc (1st Class Honors) and PhD from Monash University, Australia, in 1985 and 1989 respectively. Beng Chin is a fellow of the ACM 2011, IEEE 2009, and Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) 2016.


Principal Investigators


Ooi Beng Chin

Distinguished Professor, Computer Science, School of Computing


Dong Jin Song

Professor, Computer Science Department, School of Computing, NUS


Huang Ke-wei

Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Analytics at NUS


Xiao Xiaokui

Associate Professor Computer Science, School of Computing, NUS


Jussi Keppo

Assoc. Professor Analytics & Operations, School of Business, NUS


Chee Yeow Meng

Professor, Associate Vice President (Innovation & Enterprise), NUS